The move has rumbled on all summer, with the 1xbet back pages of the newspapers featuring reports of deals done, deals delayed, counter-bids from big-club rivals, denials and intrigue over agents’ fees.

At Mourinho’s first Old Trafford news conference on 5 July he said he wanted to sign four players and had secured three. Many believed the fourth was Pogba.
But it has taken more than a month since then for the Portuguese to get his man.
On 9 July, United finally declared their official interest but there were rumours the player preferred a move to Real Madrid.
Following’s France’s Euro 2016 final defeat by Portugal, Pogba went on a long holiday to the USA.
His agent Mino Raiola said a number of clubs were interested in his client and continued to deny a deal with United had been agreed.
On Saturday, Juventus boss 1xbet Massimiliano Allegri summoned Pogba to training, but just a day later United announced the player would have a medical – and on Monday he arrived in Manchester.
But it took until the early hours of Tuesday BST for the deal to finally be announced, a delay that Pogba called “annoying”.
Writing on Instagram he said: “This transfer took so long because it was a huge decision and involved lots of thinking and work.”

Factors to Consider before Hiring a Good Landscaping Firm

We all dream of having breathtaking landscape yards and picturesque sceneries. True, but, for you to achieve this, you should consider hiring a qualified and an experienced landscaper. However, it is not a very straightforward task to identify a reliable landscaping firm that will deliver excellent lawn services. That landscaper should be in a position to deliver excellent results. To land to such professional, here are the tips which you should consider, and it will be easier for you to choose a reliable landscaper.

For one to be in a position to select a reliable landscaper he should at least put into considerations crucial factors such as the professionalism of the landscaping technicians, their way of handling various aspects of the project such as respect for your property as well as the firm’s capabilities.

It is always advisable to consider hiring landscaping services from a firm that puts customer welfare first before any other interest. Secondly, be very clear on the work which you want the landscaping company to do for you as this will help you to fix your budget right. You can go further and check the and be more precise with the amount of work which you want to be done; if it is just maintenance job, then you can go to a landscaper who offers maintenance landscaping services, but if you landscaping project calls for more extensive services, you should consider hiring a landscaper with right facilities and experience. This is critical because we have landscapers who provide landscape maintenance services only. If you are looking for more than just landscape project support services, then look for a firm which will have the extensive landscaping services to cater for your landscaping needs.
Businesses – Getting Started & Next Steps

Your search can start by simply asking people around you if they know of a good landscaper who you can consult for your landscaping project.
The 10 Best Resources For Contractors

Other consideration is if they are fully qualified.

This should be shown critical business aspects such as the insurance. This is very crucial since you will be very safe in the event of any injury to the landscaping company staff while with your compound or property. Therefore, ensure you have checked the insurance cover as well as its validity.

It will also be very good to check if the landscaping firm is certified by certain professional certification bodies as this shows if their services match with the latest trends in the landscaping field. You should find out for how long they have been in the business since the longer they have been in the landscaping business, the more knowledgeable they are o what works and what does not.

Get Ready for Camping

Most families, individuals, or school activities consider camping as one of the most fun and exciting any time of the year. So to prepare for your camping, not only will you have to decide on your destination, but also prepare for the camping gears needed. There could be possible problems that would occur while you are camping, and so it is good to be well prepared.

The most basic and important equipment when camping is the tent, and together with it are the sleeping bags and special pillows. Next on your list could be your snacks and drinks, making sure that these would be enough for the length of time you are camping so you won’t starve or lose your strength.

During the night of your camping, you might need the ever important flashlight, just make sure the electrical batteries are powered during the day. To make your camping real, you will make fire during the night, and so you need an axe and a spade for collecting woods to make fire. Be comfortable with your clothing by bringing warm clothes for the evening, and extra shirts for daytime just in case you get wet when it rains. There are other accessories that you need to bring just in case, and these are an extra pair of boots or shoes, wet baby wipes, paper towels, and toilet papers.
The Beginners Guide To Equipment (Getting Started 101)

It might cost you more or will be an extra burden, but there are other equipments that can make your camping relaxing and fun, like portable seats, medical kits, emergency radios, and also a barbeque grill.
Getting To The Point – Products

Camping outdoors is no question to be full of fun and adventure, just make sure that you took the necessary gears and precautions to ensure an accident free and fun activity.

In planning for your coming camping adventure, it is sometimes stressful to be preparing for the necessary things. One of the things that will make the preparation smooth and saves time is to create and follow a checklist of the gears and other things you need to bring.

Start your checklist with your food, from planned meals and snacks during the day. Next on your list should be your drinks like water, powdered drinks that can be mixed easily, and water filter just in case there is no clean water available in your camp site.
Rocks and hard ground could damage your tent and so it is wise to bring extra tent stakes and a mallet.

You can add a tarp on the list, for protecting the floor of your tent from rips and punctures, and keep your tent clean also.

Other tools and accessories can be included on the list, if possible to bring, are cooler to keep your food and drinks cool and fresh, garbage bags for your trash, a lighter to light your fire, a first aid kit, ropes for fun activities and hanging your clothes, toiletries and extra cash.

How to Make Money With Your Stock Photo Library Selling your photos is one of the most effective ways to make money these days. There a good number of stock photography websites where you can upload your images for sale and download. Depending on the terms you agreed upon with the website, you can get money each time someone downloads a photo from your library. If your portfolio becomes prominent in the industry, you can make enough money without having to get another job. Though stock photos generally sell in lower prices compared to assignment photographs, they have a bigger market where they can gain more potential buyers. This is probably the best place to start, especially if you’re an amateur photographer who has yet to be seen by the entire world. First of all, you need to be aware of which kind of photography you’re interested in so when the time to make your stock photo library comes, you have an organized portfolio to show to potential buyers. Once you’ve decided on this matter, you can finally start taking photos.
The Beginner’s Guide to Libraries
One very effective method in taking the attention of stock photo buyers is to post a photo that speaks of creativity. A photo speaking of strong emotions has the power to captivate your audience. Simplicity is another aspect you may want to consider. This means you should have a focus for your image and all other elements of clutter should be eliminated.
The Beginner’s Guide to Libraries
You need to remember that most magazine and newspaper photo editors won’t spend time browsing through all stock photo libraries in the market so they can find what they need. This is the reason why there are dealers ready to do the selling for you. Stock photo sites give your images the opportunity to shine in the eyes of potential buyers. It is very important that you deal with a website that will ensure your stock photo library has a chance to get the industry’s meticulous eye. Affordability and functionality are the two most important factors that should affect your decision-making in terms of picking the right website that will market your images. Look for one that sports a user-friendly interface where you can upload your photos with ease. You should also lean on a dealer that will offer a reasonable price for your precious photos. Finally, this business requires you to put yourself in the shoes of the buyer. Industries that purchase stock photography are usually involved in graphic designing, advertising, and media publishing. The most effective method you can use to get them into your stock photo library is to make use of keywords that they will most probably use while in search for a photo that they need. The Internet has allowed for the selling and buying stock photos business to prosper. If you take advantage of this industry, you can make more money than you’ve ever received in your entire life. If you know just how to organize and manage your stock photo library, and if you’re aware of the good attributes a stock photo-selling website should have, you may find yourself prospering in freelance photography.

Hiring HVAC Website Design Services

Hiring professionals to develop the website of your hvac business is absolutely essential.

You will surely be able to get your services out there when you hire the best web developers around. A good option for you would be to choose a simple website for your business. An e-commerce website would surely help you manage your online clientele in the best possible way.

There are so many ways in which your company would be able to benefit from proper web design.
What Research About Companies Can Teach You

Excellent Web Design
When it comes to information, people would be able to find the best and most convenient sources online. A good web designer would be able to structure the website of your hvac company in all the ways that matter. A functional and attractive design is what draws people in and makes them even more interested in your site than ever before. Your customers and clients would be happy about this in so many ways.
Why No One Talks About Designs Anymore

How to develop your hvac website

You will definitely be able to attract customers and clients when you develop you hvac website like this. These services would give your customers everything they need and more. The professional you end up hiring would need to know everything about how your site works. This would make customers really happy in more ways than one.

These companies would definitely help you complete operations in the best possible way. Because of this, you will surely be able to earn a decent income online. Studying the online trends would surely boost your venture. These companies can give you the following services for your hvac company:

There would be more and more people visiting your page when your site is fully developed.

When there are updates needed on your website, make sure you hire professionals to do so. You will surely gain more visitors than ever before when you get a good web rank.

The ideal coding for your website is also needed and these services can also provide you with that.
When you have photos and videos on your website then people will definitely be more attracted to it. Make your website accessible to anyone who wants to do so.

You will definitely have the ideal website for your hvac business when you hire these companies. There are tons of options which would allow you exceptional results. When you do this, you will surely have a successful business in the end. When you hire a professional hvac website design company, you will definitely have a prosperous business. When you have these guys around, there is no doubt that you will have a quality website.

The Benefits of IT Services

A business owner who owns a company might know that his or her company is in need of technology and the proper equipment which will ensure that this technology can work well. Using good technology ensures you that other companies aren’t better able to serve their customers than you are, which can be debilitating for your whole business. Unfortunately, purchasing the correct types of equipment, hardware and software plus hiring in-house staff to manage these things can put a hole in the budget of any type of business, big or small. It is good to know, however, that one can still enjoy wonderful technology for his or her company, and that it can be done through hiring IT services from a reputable company.

Finding a good company that offers IT services is a huge benefit to you, especially since when you avail of these services, you have the chance to be flexible in a wonderful and beneficial way, especially when it comes to spending money. Hiring in house staff is definitely something which can cost you a lot and not give you the results you desire, as you need to pay a monthly salary to your employees without being able to control the costs. With IT services, a business owner can pay only for progress, which makes everything much more affordable and much more flexible for him or her.

Hiring a company that offers IT services is also a marvelous idea, as when you do so, you can rest assured that all the work you need to be done will be performed by someone highly qualified to do it. This is not so when you hire your own in house staff, as you might not be sure if they will be able to deliver you wonderful services. On the other hand, if one hires professionals from a reputable IT service provider, he or she can be sure to enjoy services which are above par, the best that there are in the world.
What I Can Teach You About Options

One who owns a business might know how important it is to avoid risks, and it is good to know that with the help of a company that provides IT services, these risks can be avoided in an advantageous and easy way. The business world is changing a lot, and technology, the market, and different aspects can make it risky for businesses try to do things unaided by specialists. You want to avoid these risks with more effectively, you will definitely benefit when you hire a company that provides IT services, as professionals will be able to guide you safely out of range of these risks.If You Read One Article About Options, Read This One

Business is the name of work which has become much popular to the people. Modern people like this work perfectly. This modern time, internet has become the popular via of modern business. By using this connection people are creating their website for enhancing their business. Now you no need to depend on people for your running your business. Online business has made revolutionary changes among the people. Staying at home everything is possible. You can start online business very easily by knowing the process. Internet is the changer of our outlook to the business. People can do a lot of works by using the power of internet staying in the house.

Homes can be the centre of your business. You can start a home business that will able to change your fate. You should to maintain the promise what you give to the customers. You need to establish a trust from the customers. If can do that you will be able to run your business. You should to open a website that will cater all the information of your service. You need to develop it perfectly so that customers can get all the information very easily. Actually, customers will come to you for buying their products. You always should to present the correct information and solid value of your products. Cheating activities can destroy your fame and business. Modern people like to buy using internet. You should to serve your products cordially. Customers can order their products to you. Good relation will increase your business fame and that will the way to develop very quickly. Home online business is really a better way for any person. Staying in your house you can handle that. Your family members always can help you that is really very positive to get a better something.

Home business is the business which can run very easily. You no need to have enough investment. Small business for sale can run in here. You can physical and download products in here for the customers. You should to show better service to the customers. After your trustful service people will come to you. You need to offer proper advertize of your products and services and will appeal the customers. Above all better service is the best way to run your business very strongly. People have intention to run their buying from online. So, it is a better option to attract the people by offering quality service.

Do you know how to start an online business? Setup an online stores with the help of Social Stores Online. We provide full training & support to our clients in setting up online business stores as per their requirements.

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Most of the people express their interest to start an online business but they do not know how to start an online business? So here to eliminates your confusion this article is meant exclusively for you. There are multiple of ways with which you can start an online business. For instance-

a) Sell products online like clothes, mobiles, food items, pet accessories and many more.

b) Start website designing and promoting online.

c) Open a social networking website like face book.

d) Start a one stop website providing all eservices like recharges, bill payments etc.

e) Start a free text messaging website to pull young visitors and you can put Google ads for good earnings.

f) Start an online gadget showroom.

Steps to start online business:

After choosing your business based on your interest now it’s time to move on further. Let us discuss some essential requirements which will definitely clear your doubts in terms of how to start an online business? Suppose you planned to start an ecommerce selling or coupon code website like tradus or eBay etc., then you need to be prepared in the numerous ways-

1. Search over the internet about your competitors tricks and prices of the commodity so that you can set the prices in a competitive way.

2. Plan and grab the investment by yourself or with the help of sponsors over the web.

3. Tie up with the suppliers, delivery agents, corporate companies based on your niche business.

4. Start creating a fabulous website that grabs the attention of each visitor and motivates them to revisit again. Design and development of website should be user friendly.

5. After setting up everything now it’s time to start advertising your website through various modes of advertisements like print media, television advertisements and through social networking websites.

6. Always make sure to give your advertisements in a proper area. Suppose if you have an innovative product for old aged people then if you advertise it via music channels and online mode it yields comparatively no results so be careful and do proper planning.

7. Last but not the least step of “how to start an online business?” is after getting orders from the customers always remember to serve the customers with pleasure and utmost satisfaction and this should be the prime goal of yours.

For all the online businesses the similar steps are required based on the type of business. Hope this article served you the basic ideas to sort out your query “how to start an online business?” Hence act wisely and grab the market with care then only you will get the excepted results.

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Learn more about strategy development for best internet business.

start online business
Image by Thomas Hawk
Well the inevitable finally happened. The EOS 5D dropped below ,000 at B&H Photo. So after my fiasco with PriceRitePhoto trying to buy my 5D I learned a valuable lesson. You should take more care in who you deal with online. One name that came up again and again as a reputable dealer was B&H Photo out of New York. So after watching B&H’s price on the 5D and waiting for it to drop below ,000 it finally did. Thanks to Sam Bloomberg-Rissman for the heads up when it dropped. So I went online and placed an order with them for the camera, a 4 gig Sandisk memory card, as well as a 135mm L series lens.

The results? I suppose about as good as could be expected. B&H says that if you order before 3:30pm they can get you the camera out the same day. I ordered it on Friday and received an email from B&H on Sunday saying that they could not process my order. They said that they were unable to verify some billing info on my credit card. I called on Monday a.m. and spoke with Ivan. Ivan said that American Express could not verify the phone number that I had given them with my order. (When I called American Express later to inquire about this they told me that they did not have a business phone number on file for me so I updated my records with them).

Ivan agreed to phone me back at my work number to verify it, the number that I provided in my order, and then when I answered he agreed to ship the camera that day. I found Ivan to be a very polite and helpful sales clerk. Ivan did in fact send it Fed Ex on Monday but I didn’t actually get it until Wednesday. Fed Ex claimed that the public transit strike in New York held it up a day. And then yesterday (Wednesday) it was here. I did not mention to Ivan that I was a blogger or would be writing about my experience.

The camera is really pretty amazing and I feel pretty lucky to be able to have the luxury of buying it. I take photos every day and it is a passion of mine so part of my justifying the amount spent was that it will have a good home and get lots and lots of use. I’m going to write a review on the camera later but I took it out for a spin late last night and it truly is a fine piece of equipment. I took the photo above with the camera last night.

All in all I have to say I was pretty pleased with B&H. As my order was a larger order I could understand where they’d want to double check and verify my info and work/shipping phone number and I can’t really blame Fed Ex on the one day delay due to the transit strike. There was no hard sell to buy extra accessories at B&H and I received the camera that I orderd in excellent condition, well packed, for a great price. I will definitely be buying more things from B&H Photo in the future and am very happy about my experience with them.

Although my entire fiasco of trying to buy my 5D through PriceRitePhoto left a bad taste in my mouth, I think it was a good learning experience in the end for me. And my subsequent positive experience with B&H goes to show you that not all online retailers are bad guys and that you just need to do your homework and be warry of a company’s online reputation when ordering. Certainly one of the reasons that B&H is as succesful as they are is because they do in fact care about their reputation — no other camera dealer received more positive praise when I started blogging my woes regarding PriceRitePhoto. This in part is why I chose them to buy from them and why I’m sure I will buy more from them in the future.

Thanks B&H for a great camera and a great online buying experience.

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What if you discovered how to start an online business by just having the right attitude towards internet business? Do you want to know how to start an online business by using simple 4 block formula? How to start an online business? Is this the question in your mind?

My below article will explain you how to start an online business in just 4 simple steps. I have written this article from my 7 years of experience in online market. This will show you how to get started on the right track and with a correct mindset.
Here are step by step details to get you started right now.

Step 1 – Make a strong desire

How to start an online business? How to make money online? The answer for this begins with your strong desire to fulfill it. You need to make up your mind with a strong desire in order to achieve it.

Create a burning desire to do something that you want from your internet business and start thinking about a plan on how you will proceed to achieve your end goal. Your desire should be so strong that it pushes you to move towards achieving your end goal.

Step 2 – Believe that you will achieve success

To start up an online business is easy but to make it successful you need to believe in yourself. It may be hard to believe that you will earn $ 10k in future when your current income from online business is just $ 500 per month. But for success in online market you need to keep patience and keep on working to achieve your end goal.

You need to believe in yourself and put effort in the right direction to achieve profit. You can find web based business which will keep you motivated in your business and will strengthen your believe in yourself.

Step 3 – Make your plan for success

How to start an online business? First make a plan to achieve your end goal. Your desire should be that strong that you plan according to your goal. You need the right plan to get going of your online business.

If you haven’t thought about the plan then take a pen and paper and create your plan and end goal. You need to make yourself clear the reason for achieving your end goal.

Step 4- Keep on trying

For achieving success online, you need to be persistent. You need to keep a very strong mindset to achieve success online. You need to make up your mind that you will not succeed initially. But it is very important that you keep on trying and be persistent to get the things done as per your plan. You need to learn from your initial bad experiences and move forward with your plan to achieve success.

Discover How I Created a Killer Cash-Pulling-Machine that Attracts 23,883 Visitors and Earns 65.49 on Autopilot from just 20 Days of Lazy Work. Download it here:

Take a pen and paper and jot down what are the essentials for opening an online business successfully.

Texting Congress 1
start online business
Image by afagen
Participants were asked to send a text message to Congress.
Rally for Medical Research supporting investments in medical research and NIH, Carnegie Library, Washington, DC

– – – – –

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Blogged by Consumerist ("Lawsuit Claims Operators Of Two Adult Subscription Sites Sent Unsolicited Texts Linking To Porn" by Mary Beth Quirk – September 2, 2015) at…

Blogged by Consumerist ("Wireless Companies Have A Plan To Make Your Mobile Data Faster And Better… But It Might Break WiFi" by Kate Cox – October 19, 2015) at…

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Are you looking for an alternative source of income? The online business is a type of fortune, where the business owners need not to invest too much amount but gains a huge profit out of it. This is a best alternative source of income than the traditional way of earning through business.

There are several reasons why people are ready to invest to know how to start an online business from home. From the countless opportunities that are available on the internet, people are exponentially increasing their income by working from home.

Benefits of Online Business:

Understanding how to start an online business from home, will be more useful as the home makers can find time to take care of their children as well as business at flexible times.

There are no issues of going to office all working days. This can save the time, effort, fuel and other expenses that are related to the traditional business development.

Usually that requires no investments or low investments depending upon the size of the business. Internet offers the great opportunity to connect with people and thus people can obtain good community to deal with business.

People can aim high to achieve in their online business. There is no need for the office accessories like furniture, files and other tools.

Various Online Business:

Only a computer with proper internet connectivity is more than enough for the people to start a business online. People are aware of various tutorials on how to start an online business form home.

Some of the business opportunities which helps people to start working from home are paid surveys, data entry jobs, advertisements, blogging, affiliate marketing, paid forums job posting, niche marketing, article writing and so on. This requires only basic computer knowledge, internet knowledge and English knowledge to run a successful online business.

To start with an online business, goals are the very important thing to keep focus on. Have a clear vision and mission in implementing the business plans and ideas.

Tools that Brings Success:

It should be admitted that people might achieve success through the online business in a slower rate, which means in the beginning people can expect slow growth.

For the effective business-development strategy, people can look out for a value-for-money coaching program from where they can learn tactics for starting their online business from home.

Patience and persistence is the effective tools which bring success in online business. Working hard will help you to achieve your dreams and goals in an effective manner.

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Download it here: FREE Internet business success Report.

This article will give you a compact version as to how it looks like to set up a super successful online business.

Image from page 420 of “The boy travellers in Australasia : adventures of two youths in a journey to the Sandwich, Marquesas, Society, Samoan and Feejee islands, and through the colonies of New Zealand, New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania, and
start online business
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: boytravellersina00knox
Title: The boy travellers in Australasia : adventures of two youths in a journey to the Sandwich, Marquesas, Society, Samoan and Feejee islands, and through the colonies of New Zealand, New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania, and South Australia
Year: 1889 (1880s)
Authors: Knox, Thomas Wallace, 1835-1896 Harper & Brothers. pbl
Subjects: Voyages and travels Adventure and adventurers Tutors and tutoring Friendship Sailing Sailors Animals Natural history
Publisher: New York : Harper & Brothers
Contributing Library: School of Theology, Boston University
Digitizing Sponsor: Boston University

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Click here to view book online to see this illustration in context in a browseable online version of this book.

Text Appearing Before Image:
month he would be missed from the paddock. Ina day or two he reappeared, and almost always with a saddle and some-bodys swag, or baggage, strapped to it. Once he came back with anew saddle and a swag containing, among other things, thirty ouncesof gold-dust, and nobody ever appeared to claim it. Another time hebrought in twenty ounces and three gold watches. Altogether, in thecourse of a year, he was stolen about twenty times, and must havebrought home two or three thousand dollars worth of gold-dust, to say A HOESE-TEADERS TEICK. 397 He kept the place supplied with saddles all I suppose nothing of the saddles,the time I was there. A very profitable horse, remarked Doctor Bronson.the owner was not wilhng to sell him V Not by any means, was the reply. He used to say that he hadonly to set that horse in the paddock as he would any other trap,and the thieves walked in at once. *• That reminds me of a Melbourne horse story, said one of thelisteners. Being pressed to give it, he did so.

Text Appearing After Image:
THE RUSH FOR THE GOLD-MINES. In the days of the gold rush in 1851, said he, there were twomen in Melbourne who made a fortune in horse-trading. They hadtwo or three horses trained for their business, and when a party wasfitting: out for the mines, one of these horses would be offered for sale.Of course the would-be purchasers wanted to try the animal first, andthe dealer would point to a steep hill on Bourke Street, and suggestthat the horse be tried with a load up that hill. The animal was attached to a loaded dray, and straightway pulledit to the top of the hill without hesitation or pause. Of course that 398 THE BOY TKAVELLERS IN AUSTRALASIA. settled the question of his usefulness, and he would be sold at a goodprice ; but when attached to a load and started for the mines, he balkedand refused to pull at all. Silent partners of the dealer were watch-ing on the road, with other horses for sale, and they soon made a trade in which the balky beast wasthrown in for almost nothing. The

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Small Business Ideas: How to Start an Online T-Shirt Business

How to start a small business selling t-shirts online. In this video, we’ll show you step by step, the easiest, most cost-effective way to start your online t-shirt design business.
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In this video, we’ll go over strategy, t-shirt and print quality, as well as creating and mocking up your designs. And then we’re going to show you step by step, the easiest, most cost-effective way to get your online t-shirt store up and running without having to deal with any upfront inventory costs, minimum orders, or even shipping and fulfillment.

I’ll be starting a t-shirt store from scratch so I can show you just how easy it is to get up and running. So, follow along and by the end of this video, you too will have created a beautiful online t-shirt store, even if you have no design or coding experience.

Video Highlights:

1:23 Niche
1:45 Design
2:01 Quality
2:24 T-Shirt Quality
3:02 T-Shirt Printing Quality
3:20 Screen Printing
3:51 Heat Transfer Printing
4:26 Direct to Garment Printing
5:22 Creating Your Designs
6:15 Mocking Up Designs
6:56 Validating Your T-shirt Ideas

9:12 Shopify Free Trial Sign Up
10:55 Integrating Printful, an On-demand Printing & Fulfillment App
12:55 T-shirts, Pricing, Shipping Rates
14:05 Mocking up Your T-Shirts & Set up Billing
15:38 Add a T-shirt to Your Shopify Store
17:18 Sync T-shirt with Printful
19:46 Setting up Shopify Payments
20:49 Setting up Your Shipping Rates
23:50 Customizing the Look & Feel of Your Store
28:21 Editing Your “About Us” & Adding a Blog Post
28:58 Adding a Custom Web Address/Domain

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And there you go, just like that you’re all set up with your custom branded, online t-shirt store. And if you’ve followed along, your t-shirts are all synced up with printful, so when someone purchases a t-shirt, an order is automatically sent to printful, printed on your t-shirt of choice and sent directly to your customer.

And since you don’t have to worry about upfront inventory costs, or printing and shipping you’ll have plenty of time to focus on other aspects of growing and running your online t-shirt business.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and if you found this video helpful, please let us know by clicking the like button. Thanks for watching.

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