To start an online business is very exciting. The Internet is still quite a new medium and if you are starting your first online business, you will be facing the prospect of working with a host of new and exciting technologies. Your online business can sell almost any product or service. The sky is literally the limit. Therefore the first thing to work out when you start an online business is what your business should be about… what will you sell?

Starting an online business is slightly easier than starting a traditional business mainly because of the technical tools available to you and the fact that the start up costs are much lower. However, you as a business owner will have to work very hard if you are to find profit and success when you start your online business. You will have to become familiar with the issues of running a business online, getting visitors to your web site and managing the technical aspects of selling and taking payments online.

There are many unique aspects to an online business when you compare it to a traditional, community-based business. An online business can cater to a worldwide audience and allows you to trade with people all over the world. In addition to this, an online business can usually be run from any location in the world. This means, that you can stay at home and run your business, establish an office environment for several people to help you run the business or disappear to a tropical island and run your business from there too.

The Internet provides a platform for almost any business to make money there. Fast food restaurants can place their menu online and let people make and pay for their order via their web site. Owners of arts and crafts stores can place their unique items online and expose their work to an unlimited number of people, located anywhere in the world. There are so many ways that new or existing business owners can be enterprising online.

A home business can be a great thing to run when you are able to make it successful and work for you. Your home business can be anything from babysitting for neighbors to running an enterprise online. In fact, the Internet opens up a whole host of doors for people to be able to make a viable living online through the Internet. Generally speaking a home business is one that is run completely from your home. If you plan to do this, then it is a good idea to set up a room or a dedicated area as your home office.

Although a home business is conveniently located in the place where you live, it is no less difficult to run. You still have to work hard and go through the processes any other business would have to go through. If you are at a point where you are considering running a home business then it is important to do your research and to plan the logistics of the business as far in advance as possible. It is also a good idea to look for resources that will help you establish your business such as the help you can get from the Small Business Association (SBA) and online resources as well.

If you are starting an online business for the first time one thing to consider is joining an online system that already has many daily visitors. Getting a large number of visitors to come to a brand new web site each day involves a lot of hard, persistent work. If you are able to join a network that already have visitors, a huge part of your battle as a business person has been won.

Steve Marcs is a part of a new 3D Social Buying Network ,which is an online business where internet users can open an online store

Image from page 900 of “Canadian grocer July-December 1896” (1889)
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Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: cangrocerjulydec1896toro
Title: Canadian grocer July-December 1896
Year: 1889 (1880s)
Subjects: Supermarkets Grocery trade Food industry and trade
Publisher: Toronto : Maclean-Hunter Pub. Co. [1887]-
Contributing Library: Fisher – University of Toronto
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Toronto

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Text Appearing Before Image:
Turner, Mackeand & Co. Wholesale Grocers, WINNIPEG THE CANADIAN GROCER 65

Text Appearing After Image:
The MacLean Publishing Co., Ltd. Trade Newspaper Publishers, Fine Magazine Printers. j. b. Maclean, President. HUGH C. MacLEAN,Sec.-Treas. Toronto, – – – 26 Front St. West. Montreal, – – – Board of Trade Building. Telephone 1255 London, Eng., – – Canadian Government Offices, R. Hargreaves, Representative. SHOULD BE DONE BY BUSINESS MEN. {T is announced that three members of the Dominion Governmentwill, on November io, start out upon the mission of gatheringdata for the revision of the tariff. The gentlemen composing thetriumvirate are : Hon. W. S. Fielding, Sir Richard Cartvvright andHon. W. Paterson. During the proposed data-gathering tour it is the intention, weunderstand, of the commissioners to glean information from everyavailable source : From the merchant as well as from the manu-facturer, from the mechanic as well as from the master, from theconsumer as well as from the farmer. It is to be regretted that the Government did not see fit to actupon the suggestion of this journal,

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Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page images that may have been digitally enhanced for readability – coloration and appearance of these illustrations may not perfectly resemble the original work.

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Starting a business to make money is not a bad thing, but having a business you hate is a very bad thing! I strongly push you to start a business that makes you happy as well as money.

We only talk about business here. Trolls, haters, and negative comments will be blocked. This space is for people who want to change their lives through the power of the free markets!

When you start a business, many doors open up for you in life. One being freedom of choice. You may be working hard, but you choose to work hard for yourself. You make the choice to control your destiny!

Yes, you can start a business online for nothing, and it is going to be much harder than people tell you! I suggest you keep your job and work on your business after work.

To help you with your business development goals I have a few resources for you.

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Who does not want to grow rich in this world? There are many ways to get rich, but to start your own venture is the most challenging and demanding job ever. Starting up business or your own online business requires time and effort. It is more or less like a jigsaw puzzle where you have to put all the pieces in the right places. Only then you can have clear direction of where your business is heading.

Recent trends show that there are many people who have become interested in starting their own venture; many are inclined towards starting their own online business.

Startup online business have most attractive features and its low cost, ease of operation, and can be easily maintained by the owner.

Starting your own online business requires some type of legal structures like corporation, partnerships etc. You also require financial budgeting, materials and marketing plans, bank accounts or merchant accounts and more, it does not mean that it is as tough as it seems. It is still easier to start your own online business than a brick and mortar business.

Starting an online business gives an entrepreneur a way to achieve his or her goal by taking one step at a time and putting their best foot forward. Startup online business also provides a chance to the budding entrepreneur who does not have a big source of capital to start a venture and grow the business gradually with time.

Sometimes it seems like a very daunting task to hire technical people or a graphic designer for designing your website but there are many site providers who can give you a simplified package to do it yourself for a nominal fee.

There are many things that you must do to make your online business a success. You must watch for the search engine listings. If your site appears at the top of a search result then there are high chances of your site getting customers. Your own online business can also survive on the ads that are displayed on it and you get paid whenever a user visits or clicks on it. It is a very easy and low cost method of connecting with the users.

To make your online business successful you should make your website easy to navigate for the user. It should be user friendly. Users should be comfortable with your website and you should make all the information clear and easy to understand. If they are making any kind of purchase or doing any type of transaction then make it easy for them to navigate and fill the form.

For your own online business, you can also establish a cyberspace partnership. There are many sites which provide link up via their affiliate marketing programs.

Starting your own online business is really an easy method of establishing ones own business and offers a great return on the effort and time spent on it if the right route is followed.

Are you interested in starting your own online business and want to make your dream of starting an online business transform into reality? For more details on how to start an online business, please visit the website http://www.startnewonlinebusiness.com.

Daily Mail -London
start online business
Image by Christina Saint Marche
A very good friend on mine in London set me this article. Its so fitting. No pun intended.

How to drive men mad: TV’s sexiest show is back – but as I discovered when I had my Mad Men makeover, you have to work hard for those wolf-whistles


PUBLISHED: 23:34 GMT, 30 March 2012 UPDATED: 10:25 GMT, 31 March 2012


Understated: Marianne Power’s usual everyday look
Wolf-whistles, yes. The odd ‘Oi, gorgeous’, absolutely — but, never, have I had a whole building site down tools and stare at me as I pass.
There’s no leering, no jeering — these men are putty in my hand. I can feel their eyes follow me as I walk down the street, so I give them a little wiggle.
I can’t quite believe I’ve done it, it’s out of character. But this is what happens when you dress up as a Mad Woman.
Ever since Mad Men first came on to our TV screens, I have wondered what it would be like to dress up like Christina Hendricks’s character Joan, the foxy office manager.
With our red hair and generously proportioned hips, Joan and I have a thing or two in common — but while she makes the most of her curves in tight dresses and heels, I hide mine in jeans, jumpers and flat shoes.
I wouldn’t normally have the guts to wear such outfits, so when the Mail challenged me to a Mad Men makeover to celebrate the start of the fifth series, I jumped at the chance.
I learn it’s hard work trying to be a sex bomb — but worth it . . .


‘It takes celebrity hairstylist Simon Izzard a full hour and 35 pins to achieve the look, which feels surprisingly secure,’ said Marianne
The Sixties was all about big hair and the up-do. And that means backcombing and hairspray, hairspray, hairspray.
It takes celebrity hairstylist Simon Izzard a full hour and 35 pins to achieve the look, which feels surprisingly secure.
It beggars belief that women used to do this every day — before work. I’m lucky if I run a brush through my hair before dashing out of the door — but Simon says that many women of the time would have gone to the hairdressers once a week to have it done and they’d try to make the style last, going to bed with a scarf on to protect their hair at night.

Fern Britton: Half of me is mumsy and cuddly… but the other half likes to drink margaritas and dance on tables
BEL MOONEY: I’m 42 and still single – is there a blueprint for love?


‘To get the Mad Men look, Eyelure false eyelashes and thick liquid are applied to my upper eyelids,’ said Marianne
My usual look — if I can even call it that — is a bit of mascara, foundation and lip gloss.
That’s it. But, according to make-up artist Carl Stanley, back in 1966, more was more when it came to cosmetics.
‘Everyone was very groomed, you wouldn’t be seen dead without a full face of slap — even husbands didn’t see their wives without their make-up,’ he says.
To get the Mad Men look, Eyelure false eyelashes and thick liquid are applied to my upper eyelids.
‘Back in the day, women used a solid block of eyeliner and they would spit on their brush to paint it on,’ he says. ‘It was the same with mascara’.
Next comes foundation.
‘There were very few shades of base back then, and it was very heavy. Most women would have used compacts such as Max Factor’s Creme Puff and they piled it on. The formulations weren’t like they are today, everything was much denser,’ says Carl.
The look is topped off with a fuchsia pink lipstick, a colour I would never, in a million years, wear. But the result is amazing and I swear my spidery false eyelashes are making my face look slimmer.


‘It might feel restrictive, but the shape of my body is transformed,’ said Marianne
The right period underwear is vital, says Janie Bryant, the costume designer on the show, because it makes the actresses ‘hold themselves differently’.
While most actresses wear reproductions of the vintage undies, poor Christina has to wear the originals, which are unyiedling and uncomfortable.
I cannot find any vintage underwear in a size 12, so I head to What Katie Did in London’s Portobello Road, which stocks vintage-inspired smalls.
Joan’s character wears girdles, stockings, a slip and longline bras.
A longline bra, I discover, is one which is attached to a bodice that comes down to your tummy, to nip in at the waist.
And the bullet-shaped cups? Talk about making the most of your assets! Meanwhile, the tightly fitted bodice makes it impossible to slouch. Or breathe.
Next comes the girdle — the Sixties’ equivilent of Spanx. It pulls in your tummy and bottom and comes attached to suspender belts with fiddly hooks.
It might feel restrictive, but the shape of my body is transformed. My waist appears 3in smaller and I am starting to feel — and look — more like a screen siren.


‘Usually I would never, ever wear a pencil skirt, as I don’t like my hips, but when I slip this dress on, it looks stunning,’ said Marianne
Finally, the bit I’ve been waiting for: the dresses. By 1966, which is when the new series of Mad Men picks up, mini-skirts, psychedelic prints, monochrome ensembles and boxy shapes were starting to make an appearance — but many women were still holding on to the old look, including Joan, who sticks to her trademark body-hugging pencil dresses.
There are subtle changes though — she starts to wear bolder prints and show slightly more cleavage than she did in the years before. Even though by today’s standards, Joan’s dresses are modest, she still manages to look amazingly sexy.
I picked two iconic dresses Joan wears in the series — bottle green and a beautiful black floral dress for the evening — and asked designers at The Pretty Dress Company to recreate them for us.
The online shop specialises in retro-inspired pencil skirt dresses, very similar to the ones Joan would wear, and says the look is now very popular.
The results are perfect. Usually I would never, ever wear a pencil skirt, as I don’t like my hips, but when I slip this dress on, it looks stunning.
The big hips I usually hate actually look shapely. I top off my green dress with a retro-inspired broach from Fenwick. There’s only one thing lacking — the bust.
While Christina’s cups runneth over, mine look half-empty, so I shove a couple of ‘chicken fillets’ down my bra.
Now it’s time to take my new curves outside. I’m terrified — I’ve never worn anything so figure-hugging in public before.


‘I realise quickly that you can’t walk in a girdle and a pencil skirt, you can only wiggle – which makes me even more conspicuous,’ said Marianne
Men can’t stop staring. Literally.
Taxi drivers are looking out from their cars, men in business suits are turning around, and one young guy stops in his tracks — his mouth is open.
I am painfully self-conscious in the bottle green dress.
I can see a woman digging her husband in the ribs when he twists his neck to look at my behind. Oh dear, I feel like a harlot.
I realise quickly that you can’t walk in a girdle and a pencil skirt, you can only wiggle — which makes me even more conspicuous.
I’m sure women are giving me catty looks, but then a glamorous older woman with a perfect white bob smiles at me.
‘That takes me back,’ she says. ‘What a pretty dress.’
She tells me that she is visiting from Hampshire for the day and that she used to live in London in the Sixties, working as a secretary for Unilever.
‘Everyone made an effort back then, you’d never leave the house without having your outfit on,’ she says. ‘I wore a corset and stockings every day and went to work wearing white gloves.’
I decide to hold my head up high and do a spot of shopping. As the hours pass I get used to the attention, and actually grow to rather like it.
A man behind me in the supermarket checkout tells me that he likes my dress and that women should wear dresses more often.
A young guy waiting at the bus stop asks me if I’m that actress. I don’t know if he’s having me on or not, but he’s certainly made my day.
After lunch, I change into the black floral number to treat me and my dress to a refreshing martini, so I head to the absolutely stunning 10th floor bar of the Royal Kensington Hotel, which has views all across London. Sipping my drink — with two olives — I start to feel the part. I could get used to this.
I swear that even the very handsome French barman is giving me the eye.
But then I go to powder my nose, and remember my complicated underpinnings. I’m in there for 20 minutes fiddling with hooks and poppers!

As the day goes on, I get tired. My bra is suffocating me, the waistband of the girdle is digging in to my tummy and the tops of my thighs are rubbing uncomfortably together.
As for the stockings, I got the old-fashioned variety without Lycra in them and they are heading south. I feel more like Nora Batty than a Sixties sex symbol.
Even my eyelashes are beginning to feel too heavy to wear a minute longer. I had planned to take my new look for a night on the town but, now, I just want to head home, where it’s such a treat to take off my girdle so that I can breathe — and slouch — again.
The dress is swapped for my usual jeans and jumper and I rub off my inch-thick layer of make-up and leave my false eyelashes on the side of the bath.
Then I look in the mirror. Gosh, I look rotten. Like a cartoon character who’s had all her features rubbed out. And in my normal clothes I look about three sizes bigger. I am like a completely different woman. Actually, I don’t really feel like a woman at all.
Later that evening I pop down the road to buy some milk. Not a soul looks at me. I am invisible, and that makes me sad. I’ve realised that while I couldn’t be a Mad Woman every day of my life, I’m going to make an effort to be one every once in a while.
It might not be easy, but with the right undies, a good dress and a bit of slap — everyone can look like a star. Come back girdle, stockings and false eyelashes — all is forgiven!

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What if you discovered how to start an online business by just following 4 easy steps and get started right now? Do you want to know how to start an online business by just using your art of selling?

The purpose of this article is to explain you how to start an online business just sitting at your home and how to make money in this highly competitive market with nil investment. This blog will update you with few easy and simple tips to earn money in internet business successfully.

Here are step by step details to get you started right now.

Step 1- Make your website business

How to start an online business by just sitting at home? If this is the question in your mind, then you are at the right place. You can start using your computer and internet facility to make money for you. It is not compulsory to work full time or part time in internet business. According to your wish you can start working online through internet business.

You can start up by making your own online business or website. This will allow you to earn money off the provision of specific products or services that you may offer. Web hosting, web design; internet marketing etc are some of the online trades.

Step 2- Make your own forum

Instead of focusing on how to start an online business successfully, start thinking about building and communicating with the people who share common interest. You can make you own community or online message board to connect with people online.

Those who all share common interest can participate and freely explore themselves here. It takes some easy steps to create your own online community. It includes selection of topic, hosting provider, create forum, advertise community, moderatos, managing community, strategy and creating community atmosphere.

Step 3 – Your skill to sell

Your skill to sell will also enable you make money online. It is indeed a very lucrative business. For this, you do not need to own a product but you just need to refer and advertise other’s product. When your referred user buys according to your recommendations you get commission for it which is pre decided.

Click bank, commission junctions are some affiliate market places. Marketing of products and services of your area of interest will enable you sell it in an efficient way and you will also earn handsome commission for it.

Step 4 – Participate in surveys

How to start an online business by just participating in surveys? The answer is very simple. You will find many websites online offering to participate in surveys, online data entry etc. They pay you to complete offers as they give recurring commissions in affiliate program. You do not need any specific skill to participate in surveys as so they are best way to earn income.

Discover How I Created a Killer Cash-Pulling-Machine that Attracts 23,883 Visitors and Earns 65.49 on Autopilot from just 20 Days of Lazy Work. Download it here: http://www.howistartinternetbusiness.com/

Don’t go out of the track once you open online business if you go you will lose.

decisions decisions, 2007
start online business
Image by torbakhopper
so i tried my best to watch "an inconvenient truth" last night.

but i kept getting LOST in the blizzard of mysteriously vague and barely visible "facts"

for instance, camera pans in on stratified ice melting glacier. gore’s comedic overvoice drolling, "you can see each ice layer for each year", (but there is no scale so you can’t tell if the layers are ten feet thick, five feet thick, one foot thick? then he says, "we can test ice core samples backwards of 650,000 years"

well, if you do the basic math calculations, allotting one foot per year layer, we would have to have drilled over 123 miles into the earth’s surface

you can keep breaking it down if you’d like (changing the ice core layering numbers, but the point, i guess, is that when "we" have drilled, the ridiculously and all time farthest depth is less than 9 miles) so keep that in mind as you try to make up the facts to match al gore’s proposal

unfortunately, even dumbed down wikipedia adds some contradictions to al’s movie version: "The length of the record depends on the depth of the ice core and varies from a few years up to 800 kyr for the EPICA core. The time resolution (i.e. the shortest time period which can be accurately distinguished) depends on the amount of annual snowfall, and reduces with depth as the ice compacts under the weight of layers accumulating on top of it. Upper layers of ice in a core correspond to a single year or sometimes a single season. Deeper into the ice the layers thin and annual layers become indistinguishable." hmmmm. now that’s really different than the info he was saying. and frankly i think he’s not just full of shit, so are all the people who just jump into junk science because it’s sexy and contemporary. and hey, that IS ANY OF YOU who are just starting to crumble under the repetition of media catch phrases. but don’t blame yourselves or get angry at new information. i know, who has the time to cross reference anything anymore?

there is a startlingly good scene in the book Brave New World where one of the lead characters is told by one of the world leaders that science is bunk. he cries out, "but it’s the backbone of our society". the world leader then asks him what he really knows about science. beyond the jargan and propaganda, what does he really know of true, hard science? and he knows nothing and is ashamed and realizes that he really only knows stories about science, not true science

last night, i watched this movie with someone who kind of belives the same things as helmholtz watson (the dashing, over-intelligent outcast/untouchable… that’s right, the unavoidable corporate caste system — c’mon, you knew there was a reason that the xians and the islams are being pitted against each other, right?!).

periodically, i would stop the movie after one of al gore’s wordy explanations and say, "what does that mean? what did he just say?" not once could my compadre actually relay back the info that was said. so i would, verbatim and then i would ask again, "what does that mean?" but it was idiotic gibberish and had no meaning at all

and way too much of the movie is just sheer "clean up" propoganda. and whose pocket do you think al is in?

not sure if y’all get it but the war btwn the energy cartels and the new corporates is raging pretty damn fiercely in this economic pilot project we fondly call the united states

gore represents globalism and global views. bush is pretending to represent nationalism and nationalistic views (though we know that isn’t true), but he is also global — something like the patriot act (which deals heavily with online internet business, black market and tax evasion issues) would NEVER have passed in this county if he wasn’t involved in globalism at the deepest level — hell, i’m gonna make a NEW WORLD ORDER shirt today to honor his father’s catch phrase

problem/reaction/solution has become the manufacturing goal of the media and corporations are wildly at war with each other. the ability to use nations as human shields or weapons is increasing. humans are becoming weapons, living weapons. once again

if we all jumped heedlessly onto the "clean up" band wagon, we might find some new enlightenment. studies show, however, that "clean up" crew mentality is very lucrative for pocket buddy corporates that "shoot pool" with the politicians and make trade outs for big pay offs. cf the fct up stats from the exxon valdeez clean up if you don’t believe me (no, really, spend ten minutes and do some personal research!!!!!)

but, back to the movie. in ONE breath he states thtat we are politically obligated and MORALLY obligated AND ETHICALLY OBLIGATED to global warming — it’s obvious that includes all of you who aren’t anarchists!!!! you’re all being called to submit and bow down. damn. the anarchist is left out of the equation, AGAIN!

can anyone else smell a fking HUGE TARIFF coming?

have you paid your annual "global warming tax" yet? your share this year is 138,000 u.s dollars. we’ve just taken it from the federal reserve. you paid for it in iraq and at the gas pumps. we burned the money. your country will soon be dancing through a delicious recession until the next bill shows up. use credit. pay later. eat filter fish. take medications. sleep less. get angry all the time. drive your car recklessly

what an entertaining culture!!!!

i think fellini did a great job of interpreting petronius. in his film fellini’s satyricon", the poet refers to us, the viewer and the students in the film as a "race of slaves"

secretly, i prefer mr.huxley’s corporate translation of the same phrase: community, stability, identity

i promise to see the whole movie. maybe several times

my favorite part so far is when he uses the invisible lift to avoid showing how current temperatures correspond with the outrageous projections — i think i even shouted out, "donkey show" when i really meant to say "dog and pony show"

people either forget or don’t know that the little organisms in the ocean that "filter" all the stuff scientists call oxygen (hahaha) that we breathe, well, they’re taking strange vacations lately and going different ways than before for reasons that are related to basic change. revegetation, pattern shifts, industrialization, toxic waste (hey, even little organisms will move away from radioactive poison once they catch on), and so many other things contribute to a different migrational period for them. and weather weapons, which have been tested and used several times within the past five years are just normal outgrowths of comic book fantasies come to life through secret laboratories that fill our cities and communities with ideas and applications, education and doctored foods. it’s not new stuff, folks. none of it

and those little organisms that make all that oxygen will stabilize into "normal" patterns again. and what about the fking whales? and the sonar project that is devastating oceanic life and has been for the past decade? you know what i’m saying? there’s just info coming to the surface that SEEMS NEW and exciting and dangerous. but it isn’t really any of that

it’s just news UNLESS you have to pay for it. then, it’s time to watch the monkeys have their boston tea party

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Find out how to start an online business.

Millions of people are searching everyday on how to start an online business. People are getting sick and tired of working for someone else. They are desperate for change. They want a way to fulfill their financial dreams but they just don’t know how to do it.

If you’re looking to start an online business, now is the best time since there’s a ton of opportunities out there today.

Since people are being flooded with business opportunities everyday, it’s become difficult to be able to choose the right home based business.

Since most people don’t have much spare time to start an online business, it’s going to take hard work and discipline to make your business work for you.

It will take daily and consistent effort to succeed in running your own Internet business, but the rewards are worth it. If you put the daily effort in today, you will reap the rewards for years to come.

Think about never having to work for someone else ever again. Does that get you excited? Just think about being financially free and never having to worry about money ever again. What do you think about that? If this gets you excited, then let’s begin the journey right now.

Before you start an online business there’s some important things that you need to look for first.

When looking for the home based business that’s the right fit for you, it’s important to make sure the company offers you long-term residual income potential as well as a high get paid today (GPT) value.

Most businesses today won’t offer residual income potential as well as a high get paid today value but it’s important to find a company that does offer them both together.

Most network marketers fail in the industry because they receive small checks up front, which can’t fund their business or they get a big check up front but no long term residual income.

Since network marketers can’t survive on these tiny paychecks, they end up quitting or hoping from business to business hoping things will change, but they never do.

If you want to have the right balance in your business, then you want to get paid well for your efforts up front plus receive long term residual income that will pay you for years down the road.

When you start an online business it’s important to choose a business that provides you with multiple streams of income. Having multiple streams of income is important to having financial security. These streams of income will come in the form of affiliate partnerships.

Affiliate companies will pay you for referring them business. Some of the top online businesses incorporate affiliate income streams within their business models. It’s also important to partner with the right affiliate companies that are reputable within the industry.

The top online businesses already have these partnerships covered for you, so if you choose the right opportunity you will be all set.

So, you’ve made a decision that you want to start an online business. You realize that you need to Get Paid Today and receive residual income. You also know that having multiple income streams is important as well. So what’s the next step?

You need training.

You need to become a part of a training system that will teach you every step on how to build a successful online business. Remember it’s going to take hard work, and daily discipline to succeed.

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We look back at the poster company that became a phenomenon
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Image by brizzle born and bred
Tennis Girl sold more than two million copies

Tennis Girl was the photograph of the moment a beautiful young woman gracefully raised the flap of her pristine tennis whites, and scratched her bum. Thirty five years on, it remains one of the biggest-selling posters of all time, and news that the now 52-year-old model has been reunited with the image for an exhibition celebrating tennis-related art will surely send many men of a certain vintage scurrying down memory lane and knocking urgently on the doors of their teenage bedrooms.

The image, printed in 1976 by now-defunct poster retailers Athena, was for much of the 70s and 80s a staple feature in the digs of many a lustful young undergraduate, and has since sold more than two million copies.

Although we have never been introduced, many of us know this lady a little better than we should.

Her cheekiest of poses on a sunny tennis court way back in the 1970s remains one of the world’s best selling posters.

The shot was taken at the now defunct Birmingham University courts at Edgbaston on a hazy September afternoon in 1976. Chewed tennis balls belonging to her dog were scattered across the court.

The white summer dress and other items related to the iconic 1970s Tennis Girl poster sold for £15,500.

Fieldings Auctioneers said dozens were interested in the lot, which had a guide price of £1,000 to £2,000.

Ms Butler, who lives in Worcestershire, was not paid for her modelling.


The dress was on show at Wimbledon before it was auctioned.

The tennis racquet from the photo, the dress, a 1979 poster and a 1980s limited edition canvas print were auctioned on the day of the ladies’ singles final.

Fieldings Auctioneers said an anonymous buyer on the phone claimed them following interest from "registered bidders from all over the world", with the furthest away being in New Zealand.

There were eight phone lines open, a "handful of committed people" at the sale room in Stourbridge and "tens of people" interested on the internet, it said.

Director Will Farmer said although there was a guide price, the auctioneers never knew what the lot would go for.

He said: "We have nothing to compare it to because it’s unique – nothing like it has been sold before.

"You’re buying a slice of history and what price is an icon?"

Ms Knotts, a friend of Ms Butler, said she was "kind of amused" by the interest in the poster over the years.

The 55-year-old barrister, who lives in Winchcombe, Gloucestershire, said she did not know the dress was on the poster until her sister at university saw it in 1978.

Asked about the auction, Ms Knotts said: "I am astonished because when I made (the dress), I was saving money and it’s made a lot of money.

"It was cheaper to make your clothes than to buy them then, so I used to make quite a lot of clothes.

"You go to a dinner party and people will say ‘what’s your claim to fame?’

"And that’s the one I’ve always come up with."

Elliott went on to sell the image rights to Athena but retained the copyright, earning him an estimated £250,000 in royalty payments. Two million copies were sold worldwide.

Athena history

Athena’s first shop was opened by Ole Christensen in Hampstead in July 1964, and then bought into E&O PLC, by Chairman, Douglas H. Bayle. He expanded Athena to some 60 shops, making sure to keep the ethos on fine art reprints.

The company’s popular success divided opinion amongst intellectuals and art critics who were uncertain as to whether these works were too vulgar and populist to be considered art.

The chain was sold off by E&O, in 1977 and then was acquired by the Pentos Group before Athena went into administration when it failed financially in 1995. Athena’s last shop Exeter, Devon will cease trading on 21 September 2014, bringing it’s high street presence to an end, e-commerce company under the brand name of Vivarti (with the byline "powered by Athena") continues to trade.

By far the most successful Athena Poster of all time was “Man and Baby“. First hitting the stands in 1986, it appealed to girls of all ages, it captured everything that the stereotypical teenage girl in particular aspired to.


Shot in monochrome, the image displayed a great looking man, with a well built nude torso holding a smiling new born baby. The chiselled looks of the man smiled at the infant, as so did the baby. It was not only the retail chain’s biggest hit, but the record breaker in the history of poster sales in the United Kingdom.

Truth behind THAT Athena poster


Each decade has its iconic poster. Man and Baby, which sold at auction for thousands this week, was the defining image of the 1980s, capturing the then nascent New Man and making fortunes in the process.

By the photographer Spencer Rowell’s own admission, Man and Baby, or L’Enfant, is "a bit cheesy". There’s a cute baby, but the eye is drawn to the buffed and muscular male specimen cradling said infant in his lap.

It made model Adam Perry a hit with the ladies, and a fortune for the photographer and the poster shop Athena, selling more than five million copies.

Twenty-one years after its release, at auction on Thursday, a print of the image went for £2,400 – considerably more than the price paid in the late 1980s by scores of students and young professionals keen to brighten up rented walls.

There were a great many Athena posters which made into the best sellers through this time, as prepubescent and puberty ridden bedrooms became swathed in iconic images and photographs of the age. Held up by vast amounts of putty adhesive and stick back plastic, Athena retail did far more than boost its own standing.

As success fuelled success, more mainstream images were brought into the mix. Superstars such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, Led Zeppelin and the like were soon appearing on prints in the shops. Reproductions of famous artists, notably Salvador Dali too were favourites.

There were still a great many memorable Athena posters that the company went on to commission however; all of which were well received by consumers if not the critics. Indicative of the Nineties for example was a title called Beyond City Limits.

Another black and white print, the image showed a man dressed in leathers sat astride a motorbike. Accompanying him was a blonde woman in typical sultry pose, who’s submissive body language and the presence of the motorcyclist’s hand resting on her leg was perhaps a little outdated with the times. In many ways therefore, it could be construed as a precursor the fortunes of the company as a whole. The tide was turning.

As the nineties came, there was a sizable shift away from posters, and all things printed in general. The digital age had arrived. Art, real art, still had its place of course, but populist designs mass made for the consumer market did not. It was Pentos that would ultimately own the company when it failed

in 1995, but the brand and the memories still live on.
Shadows of “The Tennis Girl” are still seen today. Notably the image of one time tennis star and now full time clothes horse Anna Kournikova acting out her own example. Though for maybe a little more class, GQ magazine’s example with Kylie Minogue is a touch more significant in the grand scheme of things.

“Man and Baby” has inspired when greater though. Whilst Nick Kamen could argue he too inspired the classic blue jeans and rippling torso look, it is perhaps this poster that really drew it. A near naked man, a cute and cuddly baby and camera are all that is needed n many regards to sell practically anything. Indeed, many a new father has probably had a photo similarly taken themselves.

Athena Posters itself has long since drawn away from the public profile it once enjoyed, and many would say the retail industry is poorer for it. However, the stark truth is that it was a brand which just failed to develop with the times. Most industries are harsh, the retail industry perhaps more than most; eating up competition whenever the opportunity strikes. Woolworths, C&A, Army & Navy, the list of failures is ever growing.

There is still life though, as an online art retailer, renamed as Vivarti. Though a number of Athena Poster stores still live on too; but strangely not near the London home. Shoppers wanting Athena posters will have to head to Bristol, Cheltenham, Exeter, Harrogate, Plymouth, Yeovil or York.

How these stores survived administration is unclear, so perhaps at a point in the future they will populate the wider UK retail scene again, only time will tell. But it will probably be worth producing a poster or two.

the poster company that became a phenomenon

It was a turning point for a certain generation: the fading, Blu-Tack’d Snoopy posters were ripped down from the bedroom wall, the teddy bears and dolls pushed firmly to the back of the wardrobe, childish things put away once and for all. In their place went the pin-ups of some fantastically cool and grown-up pop group – Blondie, perhaps (David Cassidy now long forgotten) – and, importantly, the Athena poster, that quintessential mark of the aspiring adult. They were glitzy, glittering, high-living images: airbrushed, scarlet-lipped ladies sipping neon cocktails; chic Parisian beauties with poodles in tow; exotic birds of paradise perching on palm trees. The Athena posters that adorned the bedroom walls of the early 1980s held, for the thousands of British teenagers (girls, mostly) who bought them, the promise of a brave new grown-up world – sophisticated, glamorous and indisputably modern.

Teenage years being tender and formative as they are, it is perhaps no surprise that those who are now in their 30s, and working in influential positions in fashion and photography, have been drawing on the 1980s – and specifically the Athena look – for inspiration. It began with the Chloé spring/summer 1999 show, when designer Stella McCartney sent models down the catwalk wearing two distinctive items: a T-shirt and a bikini, both printed with airbrushed images of sunsets and palm trees. Very 1980s, very Athena and very popular: they became the bestselling items in the Chloé collection. Now such prints are everywhere, from high street to market stall, and the trend shows no sign of abating: designer Martin Kidman has chosen the Athena airbrushed look – bleached-out face, garish make-up – to illustrate the cover of his autumn/winter 2001 brochure.

The revived interest in Athena images is part of a wider phenomenon that has seen mass market and amateur art being reclaimed by the art establishment (the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London staged an exhibition devoted to amateur art last year). A recent book by the designer Wayne Hemingway, Just Above The Mantelpiece: Mass-Market Masterpieces (Booth-Clibborn Editions), devotes a chapter to the Athena phenomenon. Like the rest of the prints in the book – Vladimir Tretchikoff’s Green Lady, JH Lynch’s Dusky Maidens, the "big-eyed children" series – the Athena art showcased represents what real people, as opposed to art collectors, were choosing for their homes in the latter half of the past century.

It is not just early 1980s teenagers who have fond memories of their first Athena moment; the company had already played a part in the first tentative attempts at interior decoration of an earlier generation. When it was established in 1964, Athena was an original idea and its founder, Ole Christiansen, a pioneer. The dedicated outlet was a new notion and took off quickly, just as retailers such as Tie Rack and Sock Shop did a couple of decades later. Athena was, at its start – as successful retail companies tend to be – the height of chic. It was a time when art was obsessed with the ephemeral and the consumerist, and pop artists such as Lichtenstein and Warhol were creating works inspired by advertising billboards and consumer packaging.

Athena’s timing was impeccable. It started with a single shop in Hampstead, offering fine art reproduction prints – Dali, Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso, Lowry, Constable – alongside works by unknown artists and images of the popular icons of the time. They sold in their tens of thousands for 36 shillings (£1.80), framed or "blockmounted" for 50 shillings (£2.50). The first Athena shop was an essential port of call for swinging Londoners, attracting the same crowd as Terence Conran’s fledgling Habitat and Barbara Hulanicki’s groovy Biba. The late 1960s and early 1970s were also a time when students and young couples had more disposable income than before and were keen to make their homes resolutely un-square and distinct from their parents’. Amid the beanbags, swivel armchairs, wicker furniture and paper lampshades, they needed something for the walls: a Salvador Dali melting clock, perhaps, or a Che Guevara, a Jim Morrison or a Jimi Hendrix surrounded by multicoloured, psychedelic swirls. Athena had it all.

Things were progressing nicely for Athena. The company expanded to become a poster manufacturer as well as a retailer and then, in 1977, came the Tennis Girl. The mildly titillating photograph of a knickerless girl in tennis whites, wistfully scratching her bottom, was a phenomenon unlike anything before in the poster trade – estimates of its sales vary from 375,000 to 2m. This came as a surprise to photographer Martin Elliott, who attributes the poster’s success to its "schoolboy appeal". The image has since become a symbol of its era and the tennis girl has been much parodied over the decades by cartoonists in the likes of Viz magazine, as well as by political satirists (one depicted John Major in a similar pose). Every time Wimbledon comes around, Elliott says, enquiries come flooding in – this summer, Anna Kournikova posed for the cover of a magazine in tennis girl mode, and the poster featured in an exhibition in Bradford entitled Pert Pets And Sultry Sirens: The Most Popular Prints Of The Late 20th Century.

Just as many thirtysomething women now look back fondly at the Athena images of glossy sophistication that were so prevalent in their impressionable teens, so, it seems, many men feel a similarly affectionate Proustian rush when confronted with their first poster purchase. And, as it has turned out, the "schoolboy appeal" of the 1970s tennis girl dovetails with the mood of laddism in current popular culture. In one episode of the TV sitcom Men Behaving Badly, the tennis girl featured prominently in a nostalgic 1970s flashback sequence and last year it was parodied on the cover of GQ magazine with Kylie Minogue as model. The appeal of the original, says GQ editor Dylan Jones, was that it was "playful and quite affectionate, not aggressive. We wanted to do something that was ironic as well as iconic – it was successful because it was sexy, clever and it appealed not only to men who remembered the original poster but also to those who were attracted by the image itself." The issue turned out to be GQ’s biggest ever seller – perhaps not surprising, given that the current mood of men’s magazines owes much to the louche playboy sensibility that was fashionable in the 1970s.

Athena’s sales went off the boil after the tennis girl frenzy passed. It wasn’t until airbrushing techniques became fashionable in the early 1980s that the company’s fortunes turned around, thanks to the dreamscape, fantasy-world style of gloriously kitsch prints such as Unicorn Princess, Beach Lovers and A Dolphin Moon. These owed much to Stephen Pearson’s fantastically tacky Wings Of Love, given cult status by its appearance in Mike Leigh’s 1977 film Abigail’s Party.

Unicorn Princess was a huge success with pre-teen girls, due to its combination of fairy-tale subject matter and the essential horse factor. Horses have always featured heavily in mass-market art, from Tretchikoff’s Wild Horses to Violet Skinner’s Galloping Horses of the early 1960s, and Unicorn Landscape, Running Free and Horseman’s Dream were just some of the equine Athena pictures to score. Recently, Stella McCartney picked up on the horse factor in her Athena-influenced creations which, along with the airbrushed palm trees and pineapples, featured rearing horses in silhouette.

The "Kiss series" that so inspired designer Martin Kidman was another big hit for Athena. Created by Syd Brak, an artist from an advertising background, it was planned specifically to appeal to teen and pre-teen girls who, Brak says, "aspire to maturity and sophistication". Pictures such as First Kiss, Forget Me Not and Long Distance Kiss all contained some mini- narrative that chimed with the adolescent psyche, hinting picturesquely at the dramas of teenage melancholy, lost love and heartache. The icy, mysterious girls, their faces bleached out, their eyes smothered in electric blue eye shadow and their lips a streak of glossy red, inspired many imitations with cheap make-up. They also apparently inspired last year’s homage to the 1980s in the Face magazine, which featured on its cover a photograph of airbrush-style perfection. The same photographer, Solve Sundsbo, followed it up with his recent ad campaign for hip design house Bottega Veneta – the collection, needless to say, inspired by 1980s style.

The technique of airbrushing over photographs had already emerged on the sleeve of David Bowie’s Aladdin Sane and as the look gained popularity, airbrushed illustration began to take hold. It was the tail end of punk, when the overly made-up Debbie Harry and Madonna were the icons of choice, and when a streak of pink hair and a slash of heavy eye make-up were all that remained of a movement that had once prided itself on its grubbiness and realness.

Inevitably, the airbrush trend ran its course and by the end of the 1980s, the backlash had begun. Chris Meiklejohn of Meiklejohn Graphics, the company that supplied Athena with around 70% of its original artwork through the decade, says that in the 1990s, clients even stipulated "no airbrushing". But the advertising and graphic art industries are, like fashion, cyclical. With the 1980s aesthetic back (for now, at least), the advertising industry can’t get enough of airbrushing – Pepsi is just one of the brands to incorporate the method in recent campaigns. Andrew Farley, a 1980s Athena artist, is making the most of the resurgence: he has just designed a new range of images, due to appear in the coming months on the T-shirts of a new generation of teenagers.

But as Athena frenzy takes hold, interest in fashion circles has expanded beyond the airbrushed-print look. Even from the early days, when Che Guevara was the pin-up, figures of legend have been Athena staples – after the Kiss series, Brak went on to enjoy follow-up success for the company with his airbrushed depiction of Marilyn Monroe and James Dean in an American diner. This has not been lost on the fashion pack – a recent issue of Vogue focused on a new trend, Heroine Chic: "It’s icon T-shirts a go-go." Kate Moss favours a Marilyn T-shirt with her denim miniskirt and fake fur blouson jacket, while others among the model/party-girl circuit, snapped out on the town, have emblazoned on their chests the likes of Hendrix, Elvis, Dean and Che Guevara – all Athena stalwarts. And where Moss leads, others tend to follow: expect a rush of icon T-shirts on the high street before long.

The black-and-white posters that had been so consistently successful at Athena segued into a trend for monochrome photography with a nostalgic spin. The message was "This Is Art" and it was calculated to appeal to the aspirations of the poster-buying public. "The perception was that if you had this poster on your wall, then you were culturally aware," says Roger Watt, chief art director of Athena between 1986 and 1994. The 1950s were "happy hunting ground" for the company. The contemporary take on the style, "incorporating romanticism, an atmospheric setting and a 1950s look", as Watt puts it, was offered in photos such as Grant Sainsbury’s Bad Company and Nevada Rider – moody models in leather on big bikes, evoking a sultry, Brando-esque machismo. Beyond City Limits by Alwyn R Coates was another huge seller, a black-and-white picture, colour-tinted, depicting a male and female model on a motorbike – shot in Surrey with a dramatic fake sky superimposed. It was a veritable nostalgia-fest: Sheila Rock’s images of young couples in retro clothing, shot in moody lighting, recalled Doisneau’s The Kiss, a classic shot from an earlier era that had already been a big Athena seller. Many of the pictures were accompanied by typography, in the high-brow style of an exhibition poster, thus imbuing the image with a cod cultural significance.

It wasn’t all about nostalgia, though. Athena was also tapping directly into the mood and aesthetics of the moment – the most famous television ad of the time showed the brawny Nick Kamen stripping off his Levi’s in a 1950s launderette. Magazines such as the Face and Arena used monochrome fashion images, notably the work of the Buffalo group, led by the late Ray Petri. Athena was no longer setting the trends but rather offering a watered-down, commercially acceptable version of a look that had begun in a purer form in the style press. In one particularly bizarre photographic series, Cool Kid, toddlers were dressed up in the 1980s uniform of Dr Martens boots, MA1 flying jackets, spiky hair and shades – a bastardisation of an innovative series of pictures in the Face, styled by Petri, of young model Felix.

The style might be borrowed, but for the thousands who bought it, it represented something "cool". As consumer goods go, the poster is a fairly reliable indicator of changing popular tastes and aspirations, and while Athena fell in and out of fashion over the decades, the company always had a knack of tapping into popular preoccupations. It consistently encapsulated the mood of each era, even if it did so, in later years, by reducing it to a lowest common denominator.

One such defining image came in 1986, with the release of a poster entitled L’Enfant, also known as Man And Baby, showing a bare-chested man, cradling a baby. Like Tennis Girl before it, L’Enfant seemed to take on a life of its own and was bought by hundreds of thousands of people. At the time, Spencer Rowell, the photographer who took it, was cynical about the whole "new man" phenomenon. "This idea that suddenly men were going to be different, I thought it was a load of cobblers," he says. Yet, looking back, there was a zeitgeisty feel to the picture – just as the tennis girl had encapsulated a particularly 1970s mood of sexiness for thousands of teenage boys, so L’Enfant represented something quintessentially of the moment for their female counterparts. The message was a new one, as Rowell concedes. "Men had always been supposed to cope under pressure and never cry – then there was this idea that it was okay to be in touch with your feminine side, that your girlfriend wouldn’t think badly of you if you had a quick blub."

In the years that followed its success, Rowell says L’Enfant became a "creative millstone" – he was interested in doing something more "dark and meaningful". Now, he says, he is rather proud of the image: it was a job well done, well crafted, well lit. And then, of course, there was the casting. Paul Rodriguez, the art director responsible, was gay and was, Rowell says, "looking for certain attributes", but he also had a knack for spotting a generic look in a model, a timeless, universal appeal. The identity of the baby in L’Enfant is not known, but the male model, one Adam Perry, has not been shy of publicity. Now in his mid-30s, Perry has become best known for his claim that he has slept with 3,000 women. He was named "the world’s most promiscuous man" by one glossy men’s magazine and, aptly, he posed in a condom commercial.

No single poster has rivalled L’Enfant since in terms of sales, yet, Rowell says, nothing was ever done to "push" it; it became successful simply by word of mouth. "That doesn’t happen now. Anything that’s going to become iconic today will become so simply because enough money and hype have been put into it. Very few things become iconic in a natural way."

Unsurprisingly, Athena was soon after more of the same from Rowell: "Usually a guy with not very many clothes on, or wafting around looking really sensitive on a beach, or holding flowers – stuff like that." The idea was to present pictures of "people living a life that doesn’t really exist", couples under water with dolphins, men larking about on idyllic beaches. Although there was a certain homoerotic quality to some of the pictures, Rowell says their main appeal was to teenage girls. Plus, he adds with a laugh, "black-and-white photography goes with any wallpaper or paintwork".

Although L’Enfant continued – and continues – to sell, the monochrome photography trend at Athena began to wear thin. By the beginning of the 1990s, it had had its day.

Views differ on when and why it all started to go wrong for Athena. Some point the finger at the mid-1980s, when the company was bought by corporate group Pentos. Hemingway, in Just Above The Mantelpiece, argues that, "like many great concepts, when Ole Christiansen sold Athena to a big corporation, the spark was lost". Roger Watt agrees: in the early days, he says, the merchandise was chosen by a haphazard reliance on gut instinct, but as commercial pressure increased, the process became "more scientific". Others say that the company went downhill when Rodriguez died in 1993, while Chris Meiklejohn, who feels Athena lost its way post-airbrush boom, suggests it was a victim of its own arrogance. "Athena started to believe that what it was was important in itself, without renewing itself."

In the early 1990s, when the recession kicked in, money was very tight, Watt adds. Pressure from Pentos increased and "as the parent company grew, we had to become more accountable. We had to justify our strategy to the board of the plc and the MD."

The retail arm of the company ran into problems, with many of the stores not breaking even, particularly those in shopping centres, where rents were high and there was little foot traffic. Original photographic and artwork commissions were cut back, and the company invested instead in numerous licences for movie and other brand merchandise. There was still the odd original work – such as the "fractal optics" series or Dylan, the rabbit from Magic Roundabout, with the caption "Rave On" – but Athena in the 1990s came mostly to rely on big-name licensing deals: Batman, Disney, Warner Brothers, Sonic the Hedgehog, Thunderbirds and the World Wrestling Federation. When a range of Star Wars merchandise bombed, it was a wake-up call for the company.

Athena was spiralling deeper and deeper into debt, and it proved impossible to stem the losses, which reached £5m in the first half of 1994. The rents for the shops were just too high to support the business and at the end of the year, Pentos took the unusual step of putting the stores into receivership, fearing that its losses would drag down the rest of the group, which includes Dillons bookshops. The "ring-fencing" of the subsidiary company ensured that creditors such as landlords would be prevented from claiming money from the parent group. One Pentos insider was quoted as saying at the time, "If a leg has gangrene, you can’t wait too long before cutting it off" and though a receiver described the action as "immoral", it was certainly legal and not unprecedented. The result? A handful of viable outlets were sold to independent buyers, but most of the 157 stores closed.

the poster company that became a phenomenon

It is unlikely that Britain will witness a phenomenon like Athena again, certainly for the time being. Watt doesn’t see much of a future for the poster industry: "It’s a new generation now, a digital age, and kids prefer to download stuff themselves from their computers." Not many stores stock posters now, he says, because the browser racks take up too much space and, besides, "The kind of social interaction kids used to get going down to the high street on a Saturday afternoon with their friends has been replaced by email and text messaging and computer games." Add to this the current preference for clean-living minimalism and it’s hard to see an imminent resurgence of poster mania.

While the 1980s fashion revival looks set to run for a while yet, Athena won’t be back – which is perhaps just as well. It had its time and is probably best remembered in a golden glow of kitsch-imbued nostalgia. If you really want to revisit the old days of Athena, you can always get down to your nearest designer or high street store to buy the T-shirt or the bikini – and wear it with a knowing, grown-up, tongue-in-cheek attitude. Or forget the irony and just relive that youthful rush of aspiration and promise.

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When trying to start a business, especially an online business most people are doing it DEAD wrong. They spend years trying to learn every new marketing trick out there only to have it quickly taken away by some simple change outside of their control.

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When you start an online business, do you want to pass the successful people and to try everything by yourself? How to start online business is not a guesswork, where every newbie tries to invent how to start my own online business by trying and trying.

If you want to start your online business that way, stop reading now, this article is not for you. But if you want to follow another, proven route starting an online business, keep on reading. Here comes the method, I recommend.

1. First, Make A Self Research.

Sounds funny, but you will be the engine for your online business and it is very useful to do everything so, that they will utilize your strengths. Starting online business after this research means, that it will rest on a solid rock.

Make a tour to your history, school years and other meaningful happenings and think, what were the things you liked, where you were especially good at, and bad, what others said about you and so on.

The target is to clarify your skills, professionalism, wants, talents and style. When you start your online business, these are very important and already at the very beginning. You see, your online business start will be different depending, whether you are HTML, product or marketing oriented.

Finally do a brief summary about yourself, a profile, which includes all the major features of yourself. It is like a list of your technical data, which is the starting point, when you direct yourself further.

2. Find A Proven And Respected Marketer.

When you start your online business, it is extremely important, a must, that it starts to go to the right direction right in the beginning. Who else can guide you, than a proven and respected marketer. The better, if his online business idea is based on the tutoring and helping newbies.

There is one thing, which is very useful and that is your own website, which you can customize later. This is the tool by which you will start to build your own brand. There are principals, who offer this service too.

The requirements for your principal is that he can offer the full set of tools and help: DVD, ebooks, email courses, training pages online, online marketing forum and quick online help. These will offer you a great help, when you start your online business.

3. I Recommend That You Start Your Online Business As An Affiliate.

To start as an affiliate is the best way, because it is easy and offer you a full set of marketing material, tutoring and needed tools. The merchant has done so much ready for you, which you just cannot do by yourself.

4. Be Realistic With The Timetable.

When you are about to start your online business, you are very enthusiastic and are waiting big money overnight. That is not realistic. The realistic way to think, is to understand that online business grows step by step and it takes a couple of years, yes years, to make a decent income. Forget millions right away.

As you see, the method to start your online business successfully is simple, like all successful methods are. I recall once more about the fact, that you have to research yourself, before you will start your online business. Do it, you will thank you later on!

Juhani Tontti, B.Sc., Marketing. Make A Profile Of Yourself And Find A Mentor Who Guides You Steps To Start An Online Business. Find More Start Your Online Business

Bryant Park, late Apr 2009 – 21
start online business
Image by Ed Yourdon
The young woman here is beautiful, and I love the reflection of the keyboard in her sunglasses … but I gotta tell ya: the combination of grass and green-glow on the back of her laptop is out of this world. I have to admit that I used some color saturation to pump up the colors a little … but not much. This photograph made itself: I just happened to be in the right place, at the right time, to point my camera in the right direction and push the shutter-button…

Note: this photo was published in a May 26, 2009 blog titled "Memorial Day Weekend Link Love." And it was published in a June 3, 2009 blog titled "THE NEW COMMENTARIAT." It was also published in a Jun 25, 2009 Romanian blog titled "Vom avea wireless în Craiova?" It was also published as an illustration in a Sep 2009 Mahalo blog titled "Bryant Young," at www-dot-mahalo-dot-com-slash-bryant-dash-young, even though it has nothing to do with the football player of that name….

Moving into 2010, the photo was published in a Jan 15, 2010 blog titled "Die Fußball WM live auf dem Laptop: Aber wie?" And it was published in a Mar 5, 2010 blog titled "Two Simple Ways to Make Every Action Count." It was also published in a Jun 27, 2010 blog titled " „Isch hab Rücken!“ – mit dem Laptop auf dem Boden sitzen." And it was published in a Jul 6, 2010 blog titled "7 Ways To Bump Your Frequent Flyer Earning Up A Notch." It was also published in a Jul 7, 2010 blog titled "Know Your Laptop’s Temperature Limits to Avoid Summer Meltdowns." And I just discovered that the photo was published in a May 26, 2010 blog titled "Memorial Day Weekend Link Love." It was also published in a Jul 9, 2010 blog titled "Links: Let Your Mind Wander, Credit Cards, Paranoid Collaborators, and More." And it was published in a Jul 11, 2010 blog titled "Modern Muses," as well as a Jul 20, 2010 blog titled "What Does It Mean to be a Nomad?" It was also published in a Jul 24, 2010 blog titled "夏の外出でパソコンを持ち歩く時に気をつけるべき9つのポイント,"which I think means "Summer Laptop" And it was published in a Sep 2, 2010 blog titled "5 Essential Web Marketing Tools for Small Green Businesses." It was also published in a Sep 10, 2010 blog titled "No mundo online." And, for no obvious reason at all, it was published in a Sep 30, 2010 blog titled "credit card programs, which is better, cash back (i.e. 4% on American Express) or frequent flyer miles bonus?" It was also published — again, for no obvious reason — in an Oct 13, 2010 "Credit Card Trends Daily" blog titled "Discover How To Maximize the Potentials of a Low APR Credit Card." And it was published in a Nov 1, 2010 blog titled "The Secret to Doing Your Best Work Effortlessly , as well as a Nov 2, 2010 blog titled "Thing 11: My Flickr Experience." It was also published in an undated (mid-Nov 2010) blog titled "Make Travel a Part of Your Life Again with Airline Miles Credit Cards." It was also published in an undated (late Nov 2010) blog titled " Make Travel Affordable and Easy with Airline Miles Credit Cards." And it was published in an undated (Dec 2010) blog titled "Are You One of the Millions That Could Benefit from an Airline Miles Credit Card?" It was also published in an Dec 19, 2010 blog titled "Airline Miles Credit Card Comparison," and it was published in a Dec 23, 2010 blog titled "Idée cadeau : Vivre léger."

Moving into 2011, the photo was published in a Feb 20, 2011 Polish blog titled "Prowadzisz fan page? Sprawdź, czy Twoja aktywność nie trafia w próżnię," as well as a Feb 20, 2011 Girl Log blog , with the same caption and detailed notes that I had written on this Flickr page. It was also published in a Feb 22, 2011 blog titled "WNBA’s L.A. Chapter Presents Bookwoman Day On Saturday." And it was published in a Mar 11, 2011 blog titled "Top 10 Reasons to Work Online." It was also published in an Apr 1, 2011 Work At Home Careers blog, with the same caption and detailed notes that I had written on this Flickr page. And it was published in an Apr 4, 2011 blog titled "당신의 길을 가라." It was also published in an Apr 8, 2011 blog titled "Internet gratuit, c’est possible!", as well as an Apr 11, 2011 blog titled "Enola the Welder, Woman Welder at Heil Company." And it was published as an illustration in an undated (late Apr 2011) Book Drum website. It was also published in an Apr 25, 2011 blog titled "What Kind Of Blogs Do Women Love?" as well as an Apr 25, 2011 blog titled "Article Marketing Domination Review: The Definative Resource For Article Marketing." And it was published in an Apr 26, 2011 blog titled "„The innere Schweinehund does not live here anymore“." And it was published in an Apr 30, 2011 blog titled "MacBook Air battery better than advertised." It was also published in a May 4, 2011 blog titled "How To Keep Your Laptop Cool." And it was published in an undated (late May 2011) blog titled "8 Reasons I Love My Laptop." It was also published in a May 25, 2011 blog titled "i2011年夏モデルが出そろったので検討してみた."

Moving into June, the photo was published in a Jun 3, 2011 blog titled "3 Things I’ve Learned about Blogging – And Life," as well as a Jun 9, 2011 Marketing-En-Web blog, with the same caption as what I had written on this Flickr page. And it was published in a Jun 13, 2011 blog titled "トップへデスクトップパソコンパソコン関連." It was also published in a Jun 17, 2011 blog titled "ノートパソコン使用時の姿勢の直し方を示した動画," as well as a Jun 17, 2011 blog titled "8 Personal Finance Basics to Tackle NOW." It was also published in a June 10, 2011 blog titled "The Real Social Life of Wireless Public Spaces." And it was published in a Jun 27, 2011 blog titled "„Isch hab Rücken!“ – mit dem Laptop auf der Wiese sitzen, as well as a Jun 28, 2011 blog titled "Taking your blog mobile: are you geared up?," as well as a Jun 28, 2011 Page i blog titled "Mac Book Airの販売は近い? 米Best Buyで販売一時停止." It was also published in a Jul 11, 2011 e-Portalik blog titled "Play: Więcej Internetu dla abonentów, nowe modemy." And it was published in a Jul 29, 2011 blog titled "Apple now has more cash than the US Government."

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Moving into 2013, the photo was published in a Jan 4, 2013 blog titled "Learn How To Make Your Article Submission A Big Success With These Tips." And it was published in a Jan 15, 2013 blog titled "10 erros comuns nos blogs." It was also published in a Jan 22, 2013 blog titled "Guest Post: New Year, New Career," as well as a Jan 25, 2013 blog titled "You Need Great Content If You Want Your Article To Succeed." And it was published in a Feb 8, 2013 Italian blog titled "Esserci o non esserci… sul web – 1^ Parte." It was also published in a Feb 10, 2013 blog titled "Making Long Distance Relationships Work." And it was published in a Feb 11, 2013 blog titled "Hack Like a Pro: How to Remotely Install a Keylogger onto Your Girlfriend’s Computer," as well as a Feb 16, 2013 blog titled "Lent Reflection: Focusing on Work and Rest." It was also published in a Feb 19, 2013 Finnish blog titled "Näin synkronoit Lumiasi Mac-tietokoneen kanssa." And it was published in a Feb 27, 2013 blog titled "Will MOOCs be the End of the College Campus?" It was also published in a Mar 1, 2013 blog titled "病気の発症にも影響!?情報化社会を生きるあなたが病気から自分を守るスキル“健康リテラシー”." And it was published in a Feb 27 , 2013 blog titled "Will MOOCs be the End of the College Campus?" It was also published in a Mar 22, 2013 blog titled "72% Of Professors Who Teach Online Courses Don’t Think Their Students Deserve Credit," as well as a Mar 23, 2013 blog titled "Když ovládnete svoji mysl, ovládnete svůj život." And it was published in a Mar 27, 2013 Dutch blog titled "MOOC’s hype of heilige graal?" It was also published in an Apr 2, 2013 blog titled "30 sources to keep you updated on business and marketing," and an Apr 3, 2013 blog titled "Blackberry Mobile Phones Technical Gadgets Providing Overwhelming Functionalities," as well as an Apr 4, 2013 blog titled "Job Searching Tips When Moving to Tasmania." And it was published in an Apr 21, 2013 blog titled "Zarabiaj na poradnikach internetowych!," as well as an Apr 25, 2013 blog titled "WO dynamisch masculien," and an Apr 26, 2013 blog titled "The Importance of Your Online Reputation."

Moving on, the photo was published in a May 1, 2013 blog titled "Here’s More Proof It’s Time To Switch To An Online Bank." And it was published in a May 2, 2013 blog titled "Veränderung durch Digitalisierung der Entwicklung." It was also published in an undated (mid-May 2013) blog titled "10 Reasons To Start a Travel Blog." And it was published in a May 15, 2013 blog titled "Does your PR Agency Know How to Connect?", as well as a May 16, 2013 blog titled "The Best Financial Software." It was also published in a May 22, 2013 blog titled "Women Manage Credit Better Than Men, Study Says." And it was published in a Jun 2, 2013 blog titled "Twitter rende più facile modificare il nostro profilo," as well as a Jun 5, 2013 blog titled "Medium is a platform for writers, not readers" and a Jun 5, 2013 blog titled "私なりのGoogle検索順位をアップさせる方法." It was also published in a Jun 11, 2013 blog titled "Leren van online studeren," as well as a Jun 12, 2013 blog titled "Higher Ed, Listen To Your Facebook Fans." And it was published in a Jun 27, 2013 blog titled "子どもができたらプログラミングを習わせたい ," as well as a Jun 27,2013 blog titled "After 10 years, Google purges Blogger of all "adult" sites." It was also published in a Jul 8, 2013 blog titled "Aantal flexwerkers gestegen," and a Jul 12, 2013 blog titled "Online Jobs for Your Teen This Summer," as well as a Jul 22, 2013 blog titled What I like best about being a Spotter….," and a Jul 20, 2013 Slate France blog titled "LES RELATIONS À DISTANCE FAVORISENT L’INTIMITÉ DANS LE COUPLE" and a Jul 22, 2013 blog titled "Как организовать поиск работы в Краснодаре." And it was published in a Jul 26, 2013 Selmicro blog, with the same caption and detailed notes that I had written on this Flickr page. It was also published in an undated (mid-August 2013) blog titled "Get Your Name Out There With These Wonderful Tips." And it was published in a Sep 10, 2013 blog titled "Students Battle School Districts Over First Amendment Rights On Social Media."

Moving into 2014, the photo was the first of my Flickr archives to be published — in a Jan 1, 2014 blog titled "The Evils of Social Media." It was also published in a Jan 10, 2014 blog titled "スモールビジネスを選択する判断基準 10のチェック項目." And it was published in a Mar 13, 2014 blog titled "Outil B2B : le troc entre professionals." And it was published in a May 1, 2014 blog titled "What gives a website game-changer status? Or, how to have a website that sells." It was also published in an Aug 12, 2014 blog titled "More sunlight exposure reduces risk of shortsightedness."

Moving into 2015, the photo was published in an undated (mid-January 2015) German blog titled Jugendliche und Datenschutz in Sozialen Netzwerken

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Every person in this world wants money and fame i.e. everybody wants to be rich. To start one’s own venture is a very demanding way to get rich. But it’s challenging too because if anybody wants to start any kind of business or one’s own online business needs lot of time, effort, paper work. It needs a high level of perfection then only a person can get a clear idea about his own business.

Recent trends show that there are many people who have become interested in starting their own venture; many are inclined towards starting their own online business.

Start-up online business’s have most attractive features and its low cost, ease of operation, and can be easily maintained by the owner.

In spite of all these difficulties, it is still easy to start your own online business. At the time of starting an online business, an entrepreneur can take only one-step at a time, which gives the entrepreneur time to think which is why; he or she is able to take his or her best foot forward. There is nothing to worry if an entrepreneur does not have a big capital to start a business because start-up online business gives the opportunity to grow the business gradually.

To start your own online business it is necessary to design a website, to design a website a person needs to hire a technical person or a graphic designer, which is very expensive and difficult task. However, many site providers will give a simplified package at a nominal cost, which one can easily use it as per his or her requirement.

In order to make this online start up online business a success, certain things should be taken care of like the listing of the site should be at the top in the engine listing so that majority of customer click on the site. It should be easy to work with so that a nonprofessional does not face any problem in using that all the information mentioned in the site must be clear and understandable by the customers so it should be written in a simple language.

To make your online business successful you should make your website easy to navigate for the user. It should be user friendly. Users should be comfortable with your website and you should make all the information clear and easy to understand. If they are making any kind of purchase or doing any type of transaction then make it easy for them to navigate and fill the form. For your own online business, you can also establish a cyberspace partnership. There are many sites which provide link up via their affiliate marketing programs.

If one can follow the right route as well as spending of good effort and time to his start-up online business then he will get a great return from it.

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20_About, five-thirty (AM), he would return
start online business
Image by Jim Surkamp
Andrew Leopold’s Forlorn Hope (2) – by Jim Surkamp With Author Steve French
civilwarscholars.com/?p=13391 5515 words.

by Jim Surkamp on June 19, 2014 in Civilian, Confederate, Jefferson County, Union, Wartime
Andrew Leopold Warmaker To Peacemaker With Steve French, Author “Rebel Chronicles,” contact: [email protected]

Made possible with the generous, community-minded support of American Public University system, offering a quality, affordable, online education. Interpretations in civilwarscholars.com videos and posts do not in any way reflect modern-day policies and positions of American Public University System. More . . .

Redmond Burke, Andrew Leopold, and Their Gang Descend on The River Towns:
1_Leopold is ordered by General Stuart
2_on “detached service” and, with a small team
3_from Berryville to Shepherdstown
Leopold is ordered by General Stuart to join Redmond Burke on “detached service” and, with a small team, stays behind in the Potomac River area from Berryville to Shepherdstown while the main Confederate Army moves further south. His job is to find conscripts, carry mail between homes and soldiers, steal horses and watch the movements of the Federal army. Leopold in carrying mail, is also enabled to determine the names of, and whereabouts of able-bodied men not enlisted in his Confederate army, such as Jacob Hudson and Charles Entler.

The Wayward Letter:
4_One letter to be delivered that would cause much controversy
(One letter to be delivered that would cause much controversy was a “thank you” note to widow Lily Parran Lee in Shepherdstown. Gen. Stuart had been trying to order a new uniform while at The Bower. He had visited Mrs. Lee, a dear and trusted friend in Shepherdstown. Her husband, William Fitzhugh Lee, died at First Manassas/Bull Run wearing silver spurs Stuart had given him. It seems, according to the letter, that Daniel Rentch, a merchant in Shepherdstown, was commissioned and – did indeed have made – the famed cape that J.E.B. Stuart would wear in the war. It was delivered. In the letter Stuart tells Mrs. Lee to thank Mr. Rentch for the cape. Burke was carrying a letter between Stuart and Mrs. Lee, maybe this one).

Wednesday – November 19, 1862, Dam No. 4 on the Potomac River – Leopold’s First Victim:

5_Leopold’s First Victim
Fearing conscription, Unionist residents hastily relocated across the Potomac into the safety of Maryland. The large family of one Jim Dunn was making such a move across the river near the guard lock of Dam No. 4, wth some pickets from the 12th Pennsylvania Cavalry watching from the Maryland side. Burke’s and Leopold’s gang suddenly appeared and with gunfire broke up the moving, leaving most of Dunn’s family stuck still on the Virginia side. Dunn was stuck on the Maryland side. Dunn asked three local men – Theodore “Mort” Cookus, a farmer with land on the Virginia side, Charles Ridenour and William Colbert – ambling along on the towpath – to help get his family and cargo across the river. After over an hour, the four men re-crossed the Potomac to the Virginia side. Burke and Leopold and others attacked again:

Author French Recounts Leopold’s Firing On “Mort” Cookus:

6_Author French Recounts
Suddenly Burke, Leopold, Hipsley and O’Brien appeared. Leopold shouted to Ridenour, “Halt you Yankee Son-of-a bitch!”. . . He (Ridenour) remembered Cookus crying out, “For God’s sake men, don’t shoot me!” Burke replied, “Surrender or we will surely kill you.” Then almost simultaneously, the captain and Leopold each fired once into the skiff. Cookus, now hit on the left side, jumped into the river. “After Cookus jumped out,” Ridenour later testified, “he swam twelve or fifteen feet and received three more shots. Every time the guns crack, he dodged his head under water. Capt. Burke says don’t kill him. Laypole says I will kill the son of a bitch.” And he did. Union Gen. George Gordon wrote: . . . a brave and plucky fellow named Cookus . . . plunged into the river and struck out vigorously for the Maryland shore. Two-thirds of the way across he was hit by a bullet and sank dead to the bottom of the river. – Gordon, p. 14.
– See more . . .

7_sank dead to the bottom of the river

Author Steve French:

8_they’re all back with Stuart
They are taken to Fort McHenry. The soldiers who are captured – they’re released very soon afterwards, paroled. And by January the first, 1864, they’re all back with Stuart at his camp near Fredericksburg, Virginia. That winter, as soon as he is exchanged and the others are exchanged, they’re back in the service – dispatched service – operating once again in the Shepherdstown/Berryville area, carrying mail back and forth between the citizens and armies, scouting and so on.

March 6, 1863 – Leopold – the Deserter’s Avenger in Shepherdstown:

9_he comes into Shepherdstown with John O’Brien
Author Steve French:
On the night of March the 6th, he comes into Shepherdstown with John O’Brien, and he’s hunting for a man named Jacob Hudson. He finds Hudson caring for his uncle at his house at Shepherdstown. And he knocks on the door with O’Brien. Evidently he doesn’t know Hudson, but Hudson has been talking about him around town. When Hudson opens the door, Leopold asks for Hudson – “Is Hudson in the house?” – Hudson immediately becomes scared and he runs toward the back door and he is shot down. George Brantner, who was a former Confederate soldier, he’s seated right in that room, cannot tell whether it was Leopold or O’Brien who shot the young man, but he sure identifies him later on, because Leopold met Brantner at the door and (Leopold) told him he had mail for him. Leopold will come down the street that night. He will tell one resident (Federal postmaster Elias Baker on German Street-JS) here in the town that he did shoot a man up the street and then they will leave the mail here and head back for camp.

10_Leopold Avenges Again
March 15-16, 1863 – Leopold Avenges Again at the Bridgeport, MD Ferry:
Author French:

11_group of men go to Sharpsburg
12_Charles Entler
Ten days later, on the night of March 15th & 16th, Leopold and a group of men go to Sharpsburg, Maryland, and, in Sharpsburg that night they steal six horses from an oyster wagon, parked outside of a local tavern. After midnight on the 16th, they return to try to get across the river. They go to Bridgeport where the ferry is, directly behind me, and they knock on the door. They say they have a dispatch to take to Harper’s Ferry to (Federal) General Stevenson. The young man, Charles Entler and his friend Samuel Jones, that are in the office that night, sleeping in the office, refuse to answer the door. Finally, Leopold starts tearing the shutters off the windows and Charles decides to come out. Samuel Jones would later say he knew it was Leopold at the door, but he was too scared, too frightened to say a word. As Charles comes out the door, his brother, Luther, who is in the ferry house himself, walks outside; and, as soon as he gets outside, he hears a man shout at his brother:

13_By God, I’m Captain Leopold
14_Charles, nineteen-years-old, runs off and dies
“By God, I’m Captain Leopold and I’ve been looking for you a long time.” Immediately the gunshot goes off, Luther turns, makes haste into his house to get his revolver. His brother, Charles, nineteen-years-old, runs off and dies in the road, going up towards Ferry Hill. Leopold and his men escape. Now, they’re wanted men. The Middletown Valley Register over in Maryland, a few days later, comes out with a long article about Leopold and his band and at the end of it says: “Leopold deserves a hempen collar.” So he’s a wanted man, not only by the authorities in Maryland, but by Union soldiers, especially Major General Robert Milroy, the famous “Grey Eagle,” who was headquartered at that time in Winchester.

April 21-22, 1863 south of Millwood, Va.- Leopold and his team are recaptured:

French continues:
Towards the end of April around April 21st, Union forces are sent out of Berryville and they go to Castleman’s Ferry. That night, they will capture Leopold, and, once again, some of the Burkes – Hipsley and some other men when they surround the house, and they threaten to burn it down, if the Confederates don’t come out.

15_They’re taken to Winchester and put in the Clarke County jail
Author French continues:
They’re taken to Winchester and put in the Clarke County jail. While in that jail, one of Milroy’s citizen spies named Michael Graham from Woodstock, Virginia, talks to Leopold and find out what he wants. Leopold wants to either join the Union Army or be allowed to get out of jail and go to Ohio. In return he will tell Milroy who the scouts and spies are in the lower Shenandoah Valley. He will meet with Milroy, and Milroy will listen to all this, but Leopold plays his hand too fast, and tells Milroy what he needs to know beforehand.

16_brought before Federal Major General Robert Milroy
Leopold (Laypole, Leopole) is brought before Federal Major General Robert Milroy at Winchester, VA and begins bargaining:

Major-General SCHENCK,WINCHESTER, VA., April 25, 1863. Baltimore, Md.: Rebel [Andrew T.] Leopole, the last two days in irons, hoping for leniency, makes this statement:

Residence, Sharpsburg, Md. Enlisted in Confederate service two years ago, as ensign First Regiment Virginia (rebel) Cavalry, and remained in that regiment until Stuart’s appointment as brigadier, about a month after the first battle of Manassas, when I became ensign of his brigade, which I continued to be until last May, when I was transferred to the Virginia Cavalry as third lieutenant. I continued in that regiment until after the battle of Sharpsburg, in September last, when I was promoted to first lieutenant of Company D, same regiment, in which regiment I served until November 24 last, when I was captured at Shepherdstown. I remained a prisoner until January 6 last, when I was exchanged, and reported, as ordered, to General Stuart, at his headquarters, where I remained until January 13, acting as his couriers. On January 14, as ordered by him, I left for Castlemans Ferry, in command of 70 men, where I remained until last Tuesday, when, with 6 of my men, I was captured. My business there was to observe the movements of Federal forces, . . .

NOTE – At this point Leopold appears to be divulging intelligence on Confederate positions to Milroy in hope of leniency – JS:
and report to General Fitzhugh Lee, who is now between Markham Station and Manassas Gap Railroad and the Shenandoah River, about 2 miles east of the Blue Ridge, with the First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Tenth Virginia Cavalry and two batteries. Regiments average about 350 men each. The locality of these troops is about 16 miles from Castlemans Ferry and 10 miles from Berrys Ferry. General Trimble, with three infantry brigades, is near Orleans, in Fauquier County. Lee’s and Trimble’s forces moved at the same time from Culpeper Court-House to their present position, where they arrived about two days before my capture. There are two other brigades one from Louisiana and the other from Virginia encamped between Sperryville and Little Washington. They belong to Trimble’s division. With each brigade is a battery, and a battalion of artillery besides, attached to the division. The brigades, I think, will average 1,900 men each. The two brigades near Sperryville came that far with the other brigades, and halted there. I saw Geueral Stuart on the 17th of this month between Salem and Jefferson, and learned from him that A. P. Hill, with a portion of his command, had left for the Valley by way of Hanover Junction, Charlottesville, and Staunton. I saw Hill’s baggage at Culpeper, and learned from the master of transportation that it was en route from Staunton. I heard General Stuart say that the Federal forces at Winchester would be captured as soon as the Shenandoah River became passable. I also learned from his general order book that Jones had been ordered to march to the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, and destroy certain trestle-work on that road. I am tired of fighting, and wish to take the oath of allegiance and retire into Ohio. I have always stood high with General Stuart, enjoyed his confidence, and, when at his headquarters, ate at his table.

Milroy concludes in this report:
The above statement is strongly corroborated by other circumstances and information. I recommend that Heintzelman be directed to ascertain the truth of the above statement, so far as it refers to Fitzhugh Lees and Trimbles forces and their locality. R. H. MILROY, Major-General. – Letter to Maj. General Robert C. Schenck from Maj. General R. H. Milroy. pp. 252-253.

Author French recaps:
They’re taken to Winchester and put in the Clarke County jail. While in that jail, one of Milroy’s citizen spies named Michael Graham from Woodstock, Virginia, talks to Leopold and finds out what he wants. Leopold wants to either join the Union Army or be allowed to get out of jail and go to Ohio. In return he will tell Milroy who the scouts and spies are in the lower Shenandoah Valley. He will meet with Milroy, and Milroy will listen to all this, but Leopold plays his hand too fast, and tells Milroy what he needs to know beforehand. So Milroy won’t agree to give him his freedom or allow him to switch sides and join the Union Army, but he will pack him to the prison at Fort McHenry.

Fort McHenry, MD – Leopold is not trusted, is tried after much delay and hanged:

French continues:
So Milroy won’t agree to give him his freedom or allow him to switch sides and join the Union Army, but he will pack him to the prison at Fort McHenry.

17_Baker would write that Leopold is not trusted
Captain Joel Baker, the guard, comments that most of the prisoners of the group – there’s about eight or nine in the guard room – most of the prisoners are cultured gentlemen, but not Leopold. Baker would write that Leopold is not trusted by the other prisoners. They think he would sell them out for just a few cents.

Leopold is held in prison until mid-December, 1863, when he is put on trial by a military tribunal. He’s charged with a number of crimes, of being a guerrilla, murderer, violating an act of war, and being a spy. The tribunal is led by Col. W. W. Bates of the 8th New York heavy artillery. The Judge Advocate is Lieutenant Roderick Baldwin. Leopold will represent himself, but he will have the help of a local, Baltimore attorney, Milton Whitney Esq. who was well-known in Baltimore for many years.

18_he will have the help of a local, Baltimore attorney, Milton Whitney Esq.
Author French continues:
The trial opens up. A lot of local residents come from here to Fort McHenry to testify, including Daniel Rentch, Luther Entler, Samuel Jones, other men from Shepherdstown and also General Milroy will appear. The trial will go – on and off – for probably three, almost four, weeks. They break for Christmas a while; they break for different witnesses to arrive. Finally, two charges are dropped, but he is still charged with being a guerrilla and murderer, both capital offences.

19_wasn’t a guerilla, that he was a Confederate soldier
His defense rests on that he wasn’t a guerilla, that he was a Confederate soldier, especially dispatched into this area by J.E.B. Stuart. Also, he refused to admit that he had murdered Charles Entler. He said he didn’t have anything more to do with the murder of that young boy than any of the judges on the tribunal; and, he said the shooting of Cookus was just part of a local skirmish. So he denied being a guerrilla; he denied being a murderer.

In his summation, Lt. Baldwin, the Judge Advocate, would say: we owe something to the people of the border who have been hounded from their home, who have been murdered at their doorstep. We need to protect them.

The verdict comes back. He is convicted of murder: the murder of Entler, the murder of Cookus – and he is convicted of being a guerilla. Afterwards, the verdict and the results of the trial – goes up through the chain of command. Finally, they reach that April, Judge Advocate Joseph Holt. Holt reviews all capital cases for Abraham Lincoln. In a four-page review, Holt will say this man has been convicted of these crimes and he deserves the death penalty. In late April, 1864, Abraham Lincoln will sign off on that.

French continues:
At that time, Leopold is taken from the guard room, shackled. He’s put in a cell, still in the inner fort, but not with the rest of the men on death row. During that month, there is a big escape from the guard room at Fort McHenry. William Boyd Compton leads the rest of the men in the escape and they all eventually get back to the Confederate lines.

On the evening of April the 22nd, Leopold will be informed by his chaplain, Doctor Reese, that his execution will be the next morning. He will meet with Reese that evening for prayer and communion. During the winter, Leopold would become a committed Christian. He studied the Bible frequently. He had another small book that he would study. They had prayer. Reese left for a while.

20_About, five-thirty (AM), he would return
About, five-thirty (AM), he would return. Once again, they would talk of the afterlife. Then he (Leopold) would go out under guard, get on the wagon atop his coffin, and he would ride to the execution site right outside the walls.

21_Robert Baylor of Charlestown was also a prisoner
Captain Robert Baylor of Charlestown was also a prisoner at Fort McHenry at the time. He was out on the grounds of the fort and as he passed Baylor, Leopold would wave to Baylor and said: “Tell the boys I remain true to the cause.” As they neared the execution site, he could see the soldiers of the fort lined up on three sides of the gallows. The gallows there could have four executions at the time.

22_Lew Wallace was there, later on the author of “Ben Hur.”
(Federal) Major General Lew Wallace was there, later on the author of “Ben Hur.” He was the commander-in-chief of the Eighth Corps Middle Department, and Brig. General W. W. Morris, the sixty-six year old commander of Fort McHenry was also there.

23_Leopold pointed to Gen. Morris and said
24_The hood was put on his neck
He was helped off the wagon. The reporter for “The Baltimore American” said that “Leopold went up the steps firm and undaunted.” Once atop the scaffold, he was asked for any last words and Leopold pointed to Gen. Morris and said: “Old man, you’re the reason I’m here. But I’ll forgive and I’ll meet you in Heaven.” After that, he stepped back. The hood was put on his neck by Private Elijah Brown, and then the rope put around his neck.

25_Leopold dropped into eternity
Just afterwards, Morris gave the signal, and then – Leopold dropped into eternity. He would hang there for about twenty minutes before the soldiers took him down. There were friends there in Baltimore, some of Leopold’s friends. They brought him back to Sharpsburg, where he was prepared for burial. A few days later, he was going to be brought to Shepherdstown to bury in the Soldier’s Cemetery. His plot will be right beside Redmond Burke, his old Captain. But he’s going to be brought across here by the undertaker, (with) of course his mother and sisters are with that group.

26_They’re going to ride up this hill
They’re going to ride up this hill. At the Entler Hotel, there is a group of Unionists shouting at the undertaker to go back. Beforehand these same people had (gone) to the cemetery and warned the over four hundred mourners there to leave, but they ignored them. They go to the cemetery – once again – there’s a big crowd there. Lots of girls crying and so on. He is buried.

French continues:
Although maybe a year before, Leopold had been a hated person by most Confederates in this area because they heard that he was going to switch sides. By this time, he totally redeemed himself. His conversion to Christianity, his bravery on the scaffold had turned him into a local hero. Later on, that same day, the Unionists would strike. They would come back and would steal the undertaker’s hearse and his horses and ride away with them. Whether he was really guilty of every crime that he was accused is questionable. He wasn’t a guerilla. He was a member of the regular Confederate Cavalry and there’s some question, on the murder of Entler that it might have O’Brien did the shooting.

27_Mary Louise Entler
Mary Louise Entler who lived her life from rebel wild cat to 92-year old wise woman in Shepherdstown at the time she died there March 27, 1932 who carried mail with Leopold and tried to save him, wrote: “His fault was recklessness. He did not stop to consider what might be his fate if caught in the Union lines, and he had run the gauntlet so often without being caught that he became heedless of danger.”

28_he became heedless of danger

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1920s Berlin Buchgemeinschaft Book Discussion June [2014] at SL11B.
start online business
Image by Zoe Foodiboo
**Berlin: City of Smoke by Jason Lutes**

Zoe Foodiboo: Web, wanna tell us what the book was about?
bibiche Chant: hallo dear
Zoe Foodiboo: Hi Bibi
Zoe Foodiboo: Hi Lauren
Zoe Foodiboo: wb Augusta
webspelunker Ghostraven: Sure!
Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): Hello Bibi!
Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): WB Augusta :))
Lauren Keiyrti: Helo, Zoe 🙂
Bror Jacob Boberg (bejiblueman Resident): Hello Augusta
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): Hallo wieder alle
bibiche Chant: hallo!!
webspelunker Ghostraven: Today, we’re doing Book II of Berlin: City of smoke
Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): /me nods
Maddie (MaddieGraceGearz Resident): Will this be in voice or text?
webspelunker Ghostraven: A graphic novel set in Berlin after the blutmai riots…
Zoe Foodiboo: text
Maddie (MaddieGraceGearz Resident): Thank you
webspelunker Ghostraven: Has everyone either read or know of the book?
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): in 1929
Zoe Foodiboo: I reread it this morning.
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): i read it
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): yes
Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): yes
webspelunker Ghostraven: Excellent!
Panny (Panny Bakerly): I read it a while ago.
Bror Jacob Boberg (bejiblueman Resident): I’ve heard about it, but haven’t had the possibilty to read it yet
Emily Theriac (THX1138 Theriac): i have read the first book just started the second;)
Zoe Foodiboo: Perfect timing – it covered the year after Blutmai
Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): /me nods
Maddie (MaddieGraceGearz Resident): I have them both on order but they haven’t arrived yet.
webspelunker Ghostraven: I found the stark B&W pictures and the light use of text very powerful..
Emily Theriac (THX1138 Theriac): yes i agree web
webspelunker Ghostraven: You’ll enjoy them Maddie!
Zoe Foodiboo: ((we can have another discussion in a few weeks once you’ve read them Emily & Maddie))
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): I agree Web
webspelunker Ghostraven: We can!
Zoe Foodiboo: You really see what life was like for real people in Berlin.
Emily Theriac (THX1138 Theriac): ((okies ty Zoe))
Patrice Cournoyer: hello all!
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): I felt it was slower paced than the first
Maddie (MaddieGraceGearz Resident): Thank you
Zoe Foodiboo: So many people struggling. No food at all.
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): Guten Abend!
webspelunker Ghostraven: I find with graphic novels I spend more time with the scene than the story…
Zoe Foodiboo: Hi Patty
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): I never thought I would enjoy a graphic novel to be honest
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): yes it would have been a huge inspiration to me when building berlin if I had read it before I build the sim 🙂
Panny (Panny Bakerly): This is the first graphic novel for me.
webspelunker Ghostraven: I do regret Book III has not been written yet…
Zoe Foodiboo: I could see our Berlin sim in the pictures of the book though. Both reflect the time quite accurately, yeah?
webspelunker Ghostraven: I was reminded of 1920’s Berlin as I read it…
Patrice Cournoyer: I am hoping for Book III but I think its taking him a long time
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): the book made me feel really stupid because I kept thinking; "Oh yes I experienced that as well" because ive seen it in sl
webspelunker Ghostraven: Maybe Lutes visited first!
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): yes they did Zoe
Emily Theriac (THX1138 Theriac): so there will be a book 3?
webspelunker Ghostraven: No one knows.
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): I hope so
Zoe Foodiboo: I would be surprised if he hadn’t.
Emily Theriac (THX1138 Theriac): /me nods
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): ha i did see some people in the book who reminded me of SL’ers
webspelunker Ghostraven: I’ve checked the author’s website, he’s doing other projects.
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): it could be City of Steel
Zoe Foodiboo: Marthe, the woman from the wealthy family kinda reminded me of Augusta
webspelunker Ghostraven: Well, SL is a form of a graphic novel…
webspelunker Ghostraven: Oh,?
bibiche Chant: me/waves to patrice
Patrice Cournoyer: hiya Bibi
webspelunker Ghostraven: Augusta what do you have to say for yourself?
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): /me smiles
bibiche Chant: /me waves to patrice
Panny (Panny Bakerly): Augusta is a bit more fancier than Marthe
Zoe Foodiboo: Someone from a wealthy family who moved to Berlin and is discovering all the city has to offer.
Maddie (MaddieGraceGearz Resident): /me smiles to the lady next to her
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): looks at Augusta in a whole new way
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): That would be Augusta….
webspelunker Ghostraven: Does anyone else see themselves in the book?
Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): It was quite interesting. Book I is focused on lower class life. II is showing more upper class life in Berlin.
Zoe Foodiboo: Well, not the s-e-x part….just the experience of being in a metropolis and having a shift in perspective.
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): ohyes, of course!
Zoe Foodiboo: /me grins
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): I thought it had two distinct classes
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): (( I didn’t get that far this time! ))
Patrice Cournoyer: I like the woman who ends up with the Jazz man
webspelunker Ghostraven: I thought so too, Sara.
Zoe Foodiboo: Two distinct classes?
Zoe Foodiboo: Not more?
Emily Theriac (THX1138 Theriac): ohh i have some reading to catch up on!
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): there were the workers….downtrodden …hungry
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): Oh is he like Herr Boberg?
Zoe Foodiboo: /me nods
Panny (Panny Bakerly): The one that left in the end, Patrice?
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): and the socialites
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): clubbing…petting parties
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): drugs
webspelunker Ghostraven: The artist caught that very well I thought..
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): S-E-X
Zoe Foodiboo: petting parties!
Bror Jacob Boberg (bejiblueman Resident): (( i’m ordering both stones and smoke now, i have to read them 🙂 ))
Emily Theriac (THX1138 Theriac): hehe zoe
Zoe Foodiboo: /me leans and covers the little girl’s ears
webspelunker Ghostraven: The petty acts of cruelty…
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): I heard Frau Jo was hosting one of those next month
webspelunker Ghostraven: The police with the small boy…
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): (( you will enjoy them! ))
Zoe Foodiboo: lol
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): oi
Panny (Panny Bakerly): /me giggles
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): but it could be rumor
Zoe Foodiboo: watch out, you’re within slapping range
Panny (Panny Bakerly): Maybe it’s her twin
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): yikes…I forgot !
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): when I organise a petting party, I mean the kind of petting that gets you ended up in the hospital with a black eye
Zoe Foodiboo: It was heartbreaking, what happened to Gundrun’s daughter
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): laughs
Zoe Foodiboo: what was her name again?
Zoe Foodiboo: Sylvia?
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): it was
Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): Sylvia
Emily Theriac (THX1138 Theriac): gosh im still getting over what happened to gundrun:(
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): but I kind of thought it would be that way all along
Zoe Foodiboo: you could see what an orphan’s life is truly like
webspelunker Ghostraven: Did anyone feel the inevitability of the story?
webspelunker Ghostraven: Especially with the centennial of the start of WWI this week?
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): why yes Web…I did 🙂
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): Today actually…
Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): Yes
Emily Theriac (THX1138 Theriac): yep me to web;)
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): but I was surprised at how Marthe fell for Anna
webspelunker Ghostraven: Even though I know how it ends…
Zoe Foodiboo: Yes, you could really see the impact of the Great War
webspelunker Ghostraven: I kept saying "Get out, get out!"
webspelunker Ghostraven: Why Sara?
webspelunker Ghostraven: Given the times and the turmoil?
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): because there was no interest until the party
Zoe Foodiboo: And I could understand why that older couple decided to vote for the National Socialists
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): and I had hoped that Marthe had more to go on than great sex
Zoe Foodiboo: Sara!
Zoe Foodiboo: s-e-x!
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): reaching back towards the familiar, Zoe?
Patrice Cournoyer: did you read the first book Sara?
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): ooops!
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): S-E-X
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): yes Patrice
Panny (Panny Bakerly): /me giggles
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): Marthe had a relationship yes
Zoe Foodiboo: Yes, Augusta. Longing for stability, order.
Zoe Foodiboo: Familiarity.
Patrice Cournoyer: I thought the attraction was there then
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): did oyu?
webspelunker Ghostraven: Did the characters seem real?
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): I didn’t see it…but maybe
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): i dont just pretend to be old fashioned and a prude, I am one, so I also understood how the more conservative people were very uncomfortable with the wild side of the weimar republic
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): yes the characters all felt real to me
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): and isn’t that what makes a good book?..when you feel the characters?
Bror Jacob Boberg (bejiblueman Resident): it is
Bror Jacob Boberg (bejiblueman Resident): when you feel you are part of the story
Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): /me nods
webspelunker Ghostraven: Yes, Frau Jo, I too see that but looking back from today, I see how that was a mistake, a big one!
Zoe Foodiboo: I’m not old fashioned but the gap between the socialites and the rest of characters was appalling.
webspelunker Ghostraven: But that’s reality..
webspelunker Ghostraven: That’s why we have the KPD!
webspelunker Ghostraven: And Marx!
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): yeah its kind of discusting to see the ddecadence and fun while people starve
Zoe Foodiboo: they were a bunch of thugs
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): yes
Zoe Foodiboo: and disorganized
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): and I think that was the larger story
webspelunker Ghostraven: Sara’s right…
Panny (Panny Bakerly): I thought it was kind of neat that the band members got theirs.
Panny (Panny Bakerly): A little justice
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): how things liek that set Germany up for it’s politics
webspelunker Ghostraven: Uncle Joe and the Comintern had a lot to answer for.
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): neither extreme worked
Eloise (EloiseSchiltzen Resident): (Perhaps worth pointing out that we’re heading in the wrong direction these days, with the wealth gap between the top and the bottom the largest it’s been since, I believe, the late 1920s.)
webspelunker Ghostraven: Agreed.
Zoe Foodiboo: /me nods
webspelunker Ghostraven: Bingo Eloise!
Bror Jacob Boberg (bejiblueman Resident): and we never learn from history or from our previous mistakes
Bror Jacob Boberg (bejiblueman Resident): that is what makes us humans
webspelunker Ghostraven: The victims learn!
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): the problem is always that people are frustrated, unhappy and sometimes a party offers them a easy fix that ALWAYS turns out to be the opposite of easy
Panny (Panny Bakerly): we repeat history
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): the problem is that people think history is irrelevant to their lives
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): that is why you should never vote for a party that just protests
Zoe Foodiboo: never an easy fix
webspelunker Ghostraven: AvN’s right (as usual)
Zoe Foodiboo: Yes, Augusta
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): unless I one day start a party, then you should vote for my easy fix
Zoe Foodiboo: I think social media in some ways makes people think even less about history, etc.
Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): Yes, that’s true, Jo.
Panny (Panny Bakerly): Yes Zoe
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): people share pictures an stories without even checking if they are true
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): they do
Panny (Panny Bakerly): They don’t know how to check, Jo.
webspelunker Ghostraven: Do they even care!
Zoe Foodiboo: Everyone is so focused on themselves, it breaks down community. Not in our case, of course.
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): in the UK some far right party posts pictures of sad puppies who have been abandoned and everyone shares them not realising they are spreading the right wing politics as well
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): and everyone is outraged over false stories while the big true ones pass by unseen
Zoe Foodiboo: /me true
Eloise (EloiseSchiltzen Resident): I agree, Zoe, and to think even less about what the advertisers see as having little or no value–that is, those without money to spend.
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): agreed…so it was easy for me to see how the rhetoric in the book took shape
Zoe Foodiboo: yes, Sara
webspelunker Ghostraven: The attention span is shortening…
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): and also…..the characters were recognizable…..but harder for me to keep names to
webspelunker Ghostraven: whispers: The masses want instant gratification!
Panny (Panny Bakerly): There isn’t any, Web
Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): Yes, actually, me, too, Sara 🙂
Sasa Steigerwald (SasaSteigerwald Resident): is online.
Panny (Panny Bakerly): People are too busy playing with their mobile devices
webspelunker Ghostraven: Are they Everyman?
Zoe Foodiboo: The characters in the book made me want to create an alt….there were so many different storylines in the book.
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): people today are more educated but also more individualistic and less idealistic
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): yes the people are so interesting
Zoe Foodiboo: That’s very true, Frau Jo.
Eloise (EloiseSchiltzen Resident): (Very well put, Frau Jo.)
Panny (Panny Bakerly): I don’t know if I completely agree with that, Jo
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): well people want what tehy want…and want it now
webspelunker Ghostraven: Yes, Jo, ideals are dead for this time.
Zoe Foodiboo: like all the homeless, and struggling workers….I’d like to see more of those types in our Berlin.
webspelunker Ghostraven: Instant gratification, Sara!
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): nothing personal but I like those kinds of people more than the pretty ladies and dashing gentlemen we mostly see in SL
Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): Yes, agree, Zoe.
webspelunker Ghostraven: Hey, what about me?
Zoe Foodiboo: you’re too pretty Web
Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): Those books showed me what I wanted to know.
Zoe Foodiboo: 😛
webspelunker Ghostraven: I’m homeless and unemployed!
Zoe Foodiboo: You don’t look homeless
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): you are the fairest of all Web lol
Zoe Foodiboo: and you’re not unemployed, you work at the library!
Zoe Foodiboo: Hi Sasa!
webspelunker Ghostraven: I always work at my appearance!
Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): :))
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): I am the one with no job
webspelunker Ghostraven: Marx had to pawn his clothes!
Sasa Steigerwald (SasaSteigerwald Resident): Hello folks
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): hallo Sasa !
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): hallo noch wieder
Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): Hello Sasa
Bror Jacob Boberg (bejiblueman Resident): Hi Sasa
Zoe Foodiboo: Never mind the fact that I pay you in schnapps
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): Guten Abend!
bibiche Chant: i haven’t any job me too
Eloise (EloiseSchiltzen Resident): Hallo, Sasa. 🙂
webspelunker Ghostraven: But, I’m a revolutionary!
Eloise (EloiseSchiltzen Resident): /me gasps!
Zoe Foodiboo: you’re something all right
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): perhaps we start an employment agency Bibi
Sasa Steigerwald (SasaSteigerwald Resident): is it a KPD meeting?
webspelunker Ghostraven: (And I do it well enough that I drive Jo crazy!)
Zoe Foodiboo: bookclub, doll.
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): no, it is not Sasa
Zoe Foodiboo: have a drink on the library
Sasa Steigerwald (SasaSteigerwald Resident): doesn’t sound like that
webspelunker Ghostraven: Back to the book!
webspelunker Ghostraven: whispers: I live in the library!
Zoe Foodiboo: Yes Web? You have a question?
webspelunker Ghostraven: 😉
webspelunker Ghostraven: Was anyone surprised by the book?
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): no…..but perhaps it’s because I do know the history of the time?
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): if I had read it not knowing it might have been shocking
Zoe Foodiboo: I think the drawings made the poverty seem more vivid to me
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): I’m still surprised that I enjoyed these as graphic novels
Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): Yes, me, too, Zoe.
webspelunker Ghostraven: I agree with Zoe…
Emily Theriac (THX1138 Theriac): yes that was the same for me Zoe
webspelunker Ghostraven: Sara, that’s why we’re all here!
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): agreed
Zoe Foodiboo: I was surprised at how much the drawings look like our sim.
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): i grew up with graphic novels and comic, so I didnt mind
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): me too, Zoe
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): but yes, it all felt very familiar
Sasa Steigerwald (SasaSteigerwald Resident): maybe the artist is an alt
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): I wanted to direct where Silvia would run too
Zoe Foodiboo: that’s what I think Sasa
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): if the writer had said he has been to our sim, i would not be surprised
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): go left !
Maddie (MaddieGraceGearz Resident): So you think the author really told a true story in both books?
Sasa Steigerwald (SasaSteigerwald Resident): am I in them? 😉
Zoe Foodiboo: Poor Silvia….I hope she finds her way to a better life. But probably not, huh?
Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): Hahaha, we talked about it in the previous book club, Joe.
Zoe Foodiboo: There are prossies!
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): I don’t know if it was a "true" story…but historically accurate, yes
Zoe Foodiboo: And a Pola!
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): Pola !
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): yes !
Zoe Foodiboo: and an American jazz band. We should get a jazz band.
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): I was cheering for her!
webspelunker Ghostraven: i think it was authentic…
Sasa Steigerwald (SasaSteigerwald Resident): Good, then i need to get hold of it
Patrice Cournoyer: I am sorry I must leave you
Sasa Steigerwald (SasaSteigerwald Resident): bye Patrice
Zoe Foodiboo: there’s lots of nudity, sasa
webspelunker Ghostraven: Thanks for coming!
Zoe Foodiboo: and s-e-x
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): bye Patrice 🙂
Patrice Cournoyer: thanks for the book club Zoe.. I got a couple of snaps
bibiche Chant: bye
Emily Theriac (THX1138 Theriac): bye patrrice
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): I think we work on authenticity here, and the author did as well
Sasa Steigerwald (SasaSteigerwald Resident): even better
Zoe Foodiboo: bye Patty!
Patrice Cournoyer: ((for FB))
Maddie (MaddieGraceGearz Resident): Bye Ms Patrice
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): i am thinking about getting a negro jazz band
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): hallo Nemo
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): tschau Patrice!
Zoe Foodiboo: Hallo Nemo!
Eloise (EloiseSchiltzen Resident): Take care, Patrice. 🙂
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): Guten Abend!
Zoe Foodiboo: I think that would be great Frau Jo
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): Auf wiedersehen!
Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): Gute Nacht Patrice
Nemo Nimbus: Goedenavond
webspelunker Ghostraven: I found the nudity and s-e-x tame.
Nemo Nimbus: Gute Nacht
Sasa Steigerwald (SasaSteigerwald Resident): why are you spelling it out?
webspelunker Ghostraven: whispers: Zoe has us doing it!
Zoe Foodiboo: /me points to the kid
Nemo Nimbus: Still a g rated sim
Emily Theriac (THX1138 Theriac): /me giggles
Sasa Steigerwald (SasaSteigerwald Resident): /me shrugs her shoulders
Nemo Nimbus: Take care
webspelunker Ghostraven: Be well!
Zoe Foodiboo: Bye Nemo
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): *waves*
Eloise (EloiseSchiltzen Resident): Bye, Nemo. 🙂
Penny (Penny Luckstone): /me smiles back to the lady pointing at her
webspelunker Ghostraven: What was the most important part of this story to you as readers?
Zoe Foodiboo: /me smiles and pats Penny’s head
Sasa Steigerwald (SasaSteigerwald Resident): that kid is so small, it doesn’t understand what we talk about anyway
Zoe Foodiboo: she
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): They understand Sasa
Zoe Foodiboo: /me grins at Sasa
Penny (Penny Luckstone): "it?"…… gnarls her new teeth
Emily Theriac (THX1138 Theriac): /me laughs
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): the darkness of the tiem was already seeping into the happier ones
webspelunker Ghostraven: Cool it everyone…
webspelunker Ghostraven: Stay on topic!
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): into the socialites
Bror Jacob Boberg (bejiblueman Resident): one day you’ll understand children, sasa
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): there is always this dark cloud over the story, because we know whats coming
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): no one was escaping it
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): nods
Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): For me, the entire feeling of the time was bit more important than the story itself.
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): yes…but I found it interesting how it was slowly creeping in
webspelunker Ghostraven: The author does capture the feeling..
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): yes Gustav !
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): that’s it !
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): i think people then may have felt it too even without knowing what would come
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): I felt bad for the orphan
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): i know I feel it in our sim sometimes
Bror Jacob Boberg (bejiblueman Resident): is that because we are so fascinated about the era?
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): the socialite too
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): makes me even angrier at the nazis, not just what they did, but also what they ended when they came to power
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): it was something that one person could not overcome
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): because…I think in the story…you could feel how they knew it was all coming down
Zoe Foodiboo: That was an interesting relationship, the orphan and the Jewish homeless guy – forgot his name too.
Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): Everyone is living their lives in the book. But we know where and how they’ll end up with. That’s really hard for me to see….
Panny (Panny Bakerly): I’ve got to go. Toodles.
webspelunker Ghostraven: How many have these feelings when inworld at Berlin?
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): Tschau Panny
Eloise (EloiseSchiltzen Resident): (Bye, Panny.) 🙂
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): bye Panny
Emily Theriac (THX1138 Theriac): bye panny
webspelunker Ghostraven: TC Panny!
Zoe Foodiboo: what feelings?
Zoe Foodiboo: in our Berlin?
webspelunker Ghostraven: Yes!
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): darkness and foreboding?
Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): I feel that.
webspelunker Ghostraven: Do you feel history looking over your shoulder?
webspelunker Ghostraven: Double yes!
Zoe Foodiboo: I guess this book made me think about how we can balance our partying with darker stuff
Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): Yes.
Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): It’s inevitable for me to feel that.
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): I feel directed by history when I’m in the sim
webspelunker Ghostraven: We don’t do much dark here do we Jo?
Bror Jacob Boberg (bejiblueman Resident): i feel it in RL and SL
Zoe Foodiboo: I mean, I love our partying obviously…..but it made me wonder how we can rp other stuff
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): its up to the people
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): i have added more and more dark stories to the newspapers when i have the time
Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): Hahaha, Herr Boberg, yes, actually both in RL and SL.
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): im also going to add a permanent crime scene
Zoe Foodiboo: I like that Bruno lost his fortune
Zoe Foodiboo: that feels real
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): you do??
webspelunker Ghostraven: We have wounded vets lying in the streets?
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): you evil person!
Zoe Foodiboo: I mean, I’m not happy about it!
Sasa Steigerwald (SasaSteigerwald Resident): yes such a crybaby
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): I do too lol
Zoe Foodiboo: oh you know what I mean, you nuts.
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): /me giggles
Zoe Foodiboo: It’s a good rp storyline is all
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): it is
Zoe Foodiboo: /me shakes her head
webspelunker Ghostraven: There are street walkers…
Zoe Foodiboo: I’d like to see more of that kind of thing.
webspelunker Ghostraven: Fallen nobility…
webspelunker Ghostraven: Yes!
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): I haven’t fallen anywhere.
Zoe Foodiboo: petty crime
webspelunker Ghostraven: The dark side!
Zoe Foodiboo: fighting
webspelunker Ghostraven: Sensitive, aren’t we?
Zoe Foodiboo: loss of work, loss of income
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): also when i rebuild the brothel I will make it look a little darker and that whole area
bibiche Chant: goodnight all! it was very interesting
webspelunker Ghostraven: whispers: organized crime!
Zoe Foodiboo: bye bibi!
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): night Bibi
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): Tschau Bibi!
webspelunker Ghostraven: TY for coming!
Eloise (EloiseSchiltzen Resident): Night, bibi. 🙂
Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): Goodnight, Bibi!
bibiche Chant: see you!
Zoe Foodiboo: See, I think with organized crime, people tend to want to be glamourous about it.
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): The organized crime got out of control
Sasa Steigerwald (SasaSteigerwald Resident): the criminals we have are very keen, but not organized
Zoe Foodiboo: watching too many mob movies or something
webspelunker Ghostraven: There’s a very important business aspect to it!
webspelunker Ghostraven: Al Capone’s a good businessman!
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): we’re Berlin, not Chicago
Sasa Steigerwald (SasaSteigerwald Resident): yes, it was an interesting experiment, but it didn’t really fit Berlin
Zoe Foodiboo: Yes! That’s what I mean, Augusta 🙂
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): i want the criminals we saw in ‘M’
Zoe Foodiboo: /me nods
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): the beggars, thieves, thugs
Bror Jacob Boberg (bejiblueman Resident): child murderers?
Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): yes
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): we need Mo Galewarden back
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): dirty, evil, but cool
webspelunker Ghostraven: But what about Mr. Big?
Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): Mr. Big?
Zoe Foodiboo: well, proper villians. Not models in suits.
Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): Ah, yes, sorry.
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): but we want to get more kids to Berlin — that will scare them off
webspelunker Ghostraven: The criminal element organizes to fight back!
Zoe Foodiboo: Like Mo. Or Happy. Or Kungler.
Eloise (EloiseSchiltzen Resident): /me decides after all this scary talk to build a higher gate around her house!
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): ive tried to get crime started in berlin several times but somehow it never quite worked
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): not really Augusta
webspelunker Ghostraven: Let’s talk Jo…
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): its a bit the same with the kids
Zoe Foodiboo: Crime will scare off the kids?
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): they show up but then we need to keep them coming back
webspelunker Ghostraven: whispers: Being a failed revolutionary is getting tiring!
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): ther eis no way to break a window in Berlin
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): if you kill children?
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): I am going to work on ‘stealable’ stuff btw
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): ther eis no one to rob when I’m there
Zoe Foodiboo: oh! no, I don’t want to start murdering children.
webspelunker Ghostraven: Break windows?
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): Oh I had my window on Bruderstrasse broken once
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): but we need anothter kind of crime
webspelunker Ghostraven: I’m talking rackets, extortion, kidnapping…
Eloise (EloiseSchiltzen Resident): (I’d be happy to help with any roleplay, Frau Jo, I’d even–gasps!–create an alt for crime, if it would be helpful.) 🙂
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): how about muggings?
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): yes !
Maddie (MaddieGraceGearz Resident): Stealing food is good….. I’m always hungry.
Zoe Foodiboo: muggings would be great! I was mugged once.
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): exactly Jo
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): might be a nice way to make a few lindens
Zoe Foodiboo: by Kungler.
Bror Jacob Boberg (bejiblueman Resident): how do you mug without windows?
Zoe Foodiboo: walking on the street
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): I know a girl who tried to steal a chicken in Berlin
Bror Jacob Boberg (bejiblueman Resident): sorry without WEAPONS
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): or just street fights
Bror Jacob Boberg (bejiblueman Resident): not windows
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): but couldn’t get it out of the window
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): you can use a knife
Zoe Foodiboo: actually, I was sitting in the park with Myf and Kungler held us up
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): or a truncheon!
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): brute force Herr Boberg
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): I got the same club the police has
webspelunker Ghostraven: You folks have no idea what crime is all about!
Bror Jacob Boberg (bejiblueman Resident): i don’t look fierce enough for that
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): no, you are far too nice
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): buy a scar 😉
webspelunker Ghostraven: Groan…
Zoe Foodiboo: Lots of crimes motivated by hunger, Web.
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): that’s why we need Mo back
Zoe Foodiboo: Mo!
webspelunker Ghostraven: Yes, but I’m talking at another level!
Zoe Foodiboo: what level?
Sasa Steigerwald (SasaSteigerwald Resident): he is more horny than hungry
Zoe Foodiboo: lol
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): there is also a gambling den in berlin
Zoe Foodiboo: true
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): in the nussbaum backroom
Zoe Foodiboo: but that’s part of his schtick
Sasa Steigerwald (SasaSteigerwald Resident): sorrry i mean h-o-r-n-y
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): we could gather there do some…. betting 😉
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): laughs
Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): Yes, I saw that.
Zoe Foodiboo: /me laughs
webspelunker Ghostraven: I mean multinational, millions of dollars!
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): he did go crazy with that gun and the absinthe the one time
Zoe Foodiboo: Sasa, you’re the best.
Sasa Steigerwald (SasaSteigerwald Resident): i know
Eloise (EloiseSchiltzen Resident): (LOL) 🙂
Sasa Steigerwald (SasaSteigerwald Resident): but thanks for noticing
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): /me giggles
Zoe Foodiboo: No, I’d leave that to Chicago, Web.
Bror Jacob Boberg (bejiblueman Resident): so modest
webspelunker Ghostraven: Book,people, book people!
Zoe Foodiboo: huh?
Emily Theriac (THX1138 Theriac): hehe web
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): we ARE talking about the book!
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): i think people think too big when they want to reenact crime
Zoe Foodiboo: oh, the book
webspelunker Ghostraven: What we’re here for Zoe!
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): we dont need shootouts and bank robberies
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): throws her book at Web
webspelunker Ghostraven: What?
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): but mugging, pick pockets, beggars, people fighting in the streets
Zoe Foodiboo: I want crimes like in the book. You’re so hungry you mug someone or steal from Morgy or something.
webspelunker Ghostraven: /me ducks
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): pfffffft
Sasa Steigerwald (SasaSteigerwald Resident): you want more Elvinas?
webspelunker Ghostraven: That’s no way to treat a book!
webspelunker Ghostraven: Zoe, fine her!
Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): Yes, we want more Elvinas 🙂
Emily Theriac (THX1138 Theriac): she was here last night!
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): no, watching out for Elvina is more than enough work for me
Zoe Foodiboo: people who wouldn’t ordinarily steal but because of the times and they’re so hungry, they’re driven to commit crimes. petty ones.
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): exactly Zoe
webspelunker Ghostraven: That’s not crime according to Marx..
Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): /me nods
Emily Theriac (THX1138 Theriac): she chated with me and mo for abit and tried to steal some liqquor
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): and the book ( see Web) does bring that out
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): who asked Marx?!
Zoe Foodiboo: I don’t think we need glamourous mob stuff
Zoe Foodiboo: that’s for Chicago
webspelunker Ghostraven: merely redistribution of stolen goods!
Zoe Foodiboo: those meanies
webspelunker Ghostraven: Hey, watch what you say about those guys!
Zoe Foodiboo: Marx? Oh I thought she said Max.
webspelunker Ghostraven: They defined a generation!
Bror Jacob Boberg (bejiblueman Resident): also more "normal" people with more or less hidden problems in life
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): Yeah, tell me about it. Cicero will never be the same.
webspelunker Ghostraven: I said Marx as in Karl Marx!
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): i like that most of berlin is already more about normal day to day stuff
Eloise (EloiseSchiltzen Resident): (Why isn’t that crime to Marx? One poor person impinging upon the liberties of another impoverished person would be a crime, wouldn’t it?)
Bror Jacob Boberg (bejiblueman Resident): those are the ones that make those small crimes because they feel that they have to
Zoe Foodiboo: bah, our Max is much more interesting.
Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): Hmmmm, hidden problems?
webspelunker Ghostraven: Thank heavens for AvN!
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): Oh no
Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): Ah I see.
webspelunker Ghostraven: 10 minute warning!
Bror Jacob Boberg (bejiblueman Resident): or maybe "issues" is a more suitable word than "problems"
Zoe Foodiboo: Speaking of Max, it’s almost time for El D. Any last thoughts before we go get drunk and stare at boobies?
webspelunker Ghostraven: Who’d like to speak who hasn’t yet?
Emily Theriac (THX1138 Theriac): hehe Zoe
Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): /me nods to Herr Boberg
Sasa Steigerwald (SasaSteigerwald Resident): oh eldo
Sasa Steigerwald (SasaSteigerwald Resident): forgot about that!
Zoe Foodiboo: er, b-o-o-b-i-e-s
Sasa Steigerwald (SasaSteigerwald Resident): i must be getting ill
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): Zoe! Spell that!
Emily Theriac (THX1138 Theriac): i have to go for abit bye every one:)
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): folks, I have to go, shout pervert at sonatta before the eldo opens
webspelunker Ghostraven: by Emily!
Frau Jo Yardley (Jo Yardley): thanks for organising this!
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): bye Emily
Zoe Foodiboo: Thanks for coming everyone!
Eloise (EloiseSchiltzen Resident): Bye, Sasa and everyone departing, I should run, too, but only to see everyone very shortly!
webspelunker Ghostraven: Thanks all!
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): ye sI have to go too
Zoe Foodiboo: Well, I’m glad I made it. This was fun.
webspelunker Ghostraven: It was!
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): I enjoy these discussions!
Eloise (EloiseSchiltzen Resident): This rocks, Zoe, thank you. 🙂
Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): Yes, this was.
webspelunker Ghostraven: A good crowd!
Penny (Penny Luckstone): Herr Web, now you show Penny da piktures?
Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): Thank you very much.
Eloise (EloiseSchiltzen Resident): /me smiles and waves to everyone!
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): thank you all so much
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): it was great to talk with you
Zoe Foodiboo: Penny, you have given us a good idea.
webspelunker Ghostraven: Scram kid, yer bothering me!
Zoe Foodiboo: Maybe we should have a storytime for the kids at the library. Augusta used to do something similar at school.
Zoe Foodiboo: Web!
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): Web, be nice to the little sones!
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): *ones
webspelunker Ghostraven: What?
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): picks her book up and throws it twice as hard at Web
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): it’s a kid !
Zoe Foodiboo: /me throws peanuts at Web
Penny (Penny Luckstone): /me hides by da nice lady here
webspelunker Ghostraven: I don’t do them well!
Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): Gosh, I mixed up with Penny and Panny
Bror Jacob Boberg (bejiblueman Resident): some age difference
Zoe Foodiboo: /me grins at Gustav
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): I will start the story again when school starts in the fall
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): see you all later
Maddie (MaddieGraceGearz Resident): This was really great! Thank you.
Saraphen Calliope (Saraphen Resident): waves
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): Max und Moritz — if we can get new kids
Zoe Foodiboo: I hope to see you two in Berlin, Maddie and Penny
webspelunker Ghostraven: any last words!
Maddie (MaddieGraceGearz Resident): Is there a list of the books you’ve already read?
Zoe Foodiboo: We have school on Sundays at noon SLT
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): Yes, very nice to meet you!
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): well, it will start again in the fall
Zoe Foodiboo: On Goodreads, Maddie.
Zoe Foodiboo: Let me get you a link
Maddie (MaddieGraceGearz Resident): Thank you
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): we’ve read some great books!
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): I think we should do Artificial Silk Girl again
Zoe Foodiboo: We sure have!
Zoe Foodiboo: Let me get you a link to Augusta’s blogpost about the bookclub.
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): /me smiles
Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005 Resident): Well, I’m going to Eldo. See you around there. Thanks for organizing the book club. It was really fun 🙂
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): /me hands Penny an animal cracker
Bror Jacob Boberg (bejiblueman Resident): thank you friends, this was very interesting, and i look forward to read the books
Penny (Penny Luckstone): Tank you Ma’am.
Zoe Foodiboo: www.goodreads.com/group/show/66935-1920s-berlin-buchgemei…
Augusta Carolina Maria v.Nassau (gardengirl Resident): you are welcome, Liebchen!

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Jogging around the reservoir #1
start online business
Image by Ed Yourdon
View On Black

Central Park, south end – 004

Between roughly 86th Street and 90th Street, the inner-loop roadway runs parallel to one side of the Central Park reservoir; and just to the east of the roadway is a bridle path, where you’ll occasionally encounter New Yorkers determined to ride their horses … so, when walking along the bridle path, looking east (with Fifth Avenue and the Upper East Side in the background), you frequently see scenes like this one, as joggers go hurtling past…

Note: this photo was published in a Nov 24, 2008 blog titled "The Secret to Long-Term Weight Loss." It was also published in a Dec 2, 2009 blog titled "Partecipa alla prima geekrun." It was also published in a Nov 28, 2010 Weight Loss Helps blog titled "Q&A: READ: This is the new fashion statement!?"

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Moving into 2013, the photo was published in a Jan 14, 2013 issue of "The Frugal Mom blog, with the same caption and detailed notes that I had written on this Flickr page. And it was published in a Jan 15, 2013 blog titled "限界分析の原理 「ちょうど」の考え方その1." It was also published in a Jan 24, 2013 blog titled "Being Skinny is Not a Christian Virtue." And it was published in a Feb 21, 2013 blog titled "Is there a good replacement for Cable Crossovers?" It was also published in an Aug 15, 2013 blog titled "Is Your Diet Healthy? 7 Key Questions to Ask."

Moving into 2014, the photo was published in a Feb 20, 2014 blog titled "Too busy to work out? 6 ways to get your exercise in when life gets crazy." And it was published in a Mar 27, 2014 blog titled "How to Return to Running After an Injury." It was also published in an Apr 8, 2014 blog titled "Why Training on the Surface You Are Going to Race on Matters." It was also published in an Aug 11, 2014 blog titled "Think Dropbox Isn’t Serious About the Enterprise? Think Again."

Moving into 2015, the photo was published in a Jan 19, 2015 blog titled "How Your Diet Can Improve (or Ruin) Your Energy: Here’s How to Improve Yours." And it was published in a Jan 27, 2015 blog titled "The Best Time Of Day To Work Out To Lose Weight." It was also published in a Feb 9, 2015 Scientific American blog titled "Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: America’s Greatest Health Risk of 2015?"


These pictures were taken during a 3-hour Labor Day stroll through Central Park — starting on the west side of the park at 96th Street, and walking around the south end, and back up the east side to 72nd Street.

It was a warm, sunny day, and there were people everywhere — bicycling, skating, walking, picnicking, sunbathing, frisbee-throwing … and even getting married. It appears that everyone was enjoying themselves, on this final day of the summer season in New York City…

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