Most of the people express their interest to start an online business but they do not know how to start an online business? So here to eliminates your confusion this article is meant exclusively for you. There are multiple of ways with which you can start an online business. For instance-

a) Sell products online like clothes, mobiles, food items, pet accessories and many more.

b) Start website designing and promoting online.

c) Open a social networking website like face book.

d) Start a one stop website providing all eservices like recharges, bill payments etc.

e) Start a free text messaging website to pull young visitors and you can put Google ads for good earnings.

f) Start an online gadget showroom.

Steps to start online business:

After choosing your business based on your interest now it’s time to move on further. Let us discuss some essential requirements which will definitely clear your doubts in terms of how to start an online business? Suppose you planned to start an ecommerce selling or coupon code website like tradus or eBay etc., then you need to be prepared in the numerous ways-

1. Search over the internet about your competitors tricks and prices of the commodity so that you can set the prices in a competitive way.

2. Plan and grab the investment by yourself or with the help of sponsors over the web.

3. Tie up with the suppliers, delivery agents, corporate companies based on your niche business.

4. Start creating a fabulous website that grabs the attention of each visitor and motivates them to revisit again. Design and development of website should be user friendly.

5. After setting up everything now it’s time to start advertising your website through various modes of advertisements like print media, television advertisements and through social networking websites.

6. Always make sure to give your advertisements in a proper area. Suppose if you have an innovative product for old aged people then if you advertise it via music channels and online mode it yields comparatively no results so be careful and do proper planning.

7. Last but not the least step of “how to start an online business?” is after getting orders from the customers always remember to serve the customers with pleasure and utmost satisfaction and this should be the prime goal of yours.

For all the online businesses the similar steps are required based on the type of business. Hope this article served you the basic ideas to sort out your query “how to start an online business?” Hence act wisely and grab the market with care then only you will get the excepted results.

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Image by Thomas Hawk
Well the inevitable finally happened. The EOS 5D dropped below ,000 at B&H Photo. So after my fiasco with PriceRitePhoto trying to buy my 5D I learned a valuable lesson. You should take more care in who you deal with online. One name that came up again and again as a reputable dealer was B&H Photo out of New York. So after watching B&H’s price on the 5D and waiting for it to drop below ,000 it finally did. Thanks to Sam Bloomberg-Rissman for the heads up when it dropped. So I went online and placed an order with them for the camera, a 4 gig Sandisk memory card, as well as a 135mm L series lens.

The results? I suppose about as good as could be expected. B&H says that if you order before 3:30pm they can get you the camera out the same day. I ordered it on Friday and received an email from B&H on Sunday saying that they could not process my order. They said that they were unable to verify some billing info on my credit card. I called on Monday a.m. and spoke with Ivan. Ivan said that American Express could not verify the phone number that I had given them with my order. (When I called American Express later to inquire about this they told me that they did not have a business phone number on file for me so I updated my records with them).

Ivan agreed to phone me back at my work number to verify it, the number that I provided in my order, and then when I answered he agreed to ship the camera that day. I found Ivan to be a very polite and helpful sales clerk. Ivan did in fact send it Fed Ex on Monday but I didn’t actually get it until Wednesday. Fed Ex claimed that the public transit strike in New York held it up a day. And then yesterday (Wednesday) it was here. I did not mention to Ivan that I was a blogger or would be writing about my experience.

The camera is really pretty amazing and I feel pretty lucky to be able to have the luxury of buying it. I take photos every day and it is a passion of mine so part of my justifying the amount spent was that it will have a good home and get lots and lots of use. I’m going to write a review on the camera later but I took it out for a spin late last night and it truly is a fine piece of equipment. I took the photo above with the camera last night.

All in all I have to say I was pretty pleased with B&H. As my order was a larger order I could understand where they’d want to double check and verify my info and work/shipping phone number and I can’t really blame Fed Ex on the one day delay due to the transit strike. There was no hard sell to buy extra accessories at B&H and I received the camera that I orderd in excellent condition, well packed, for a great price. I will definitely be buying more things from B&H Photo in the future and am very happy about my experience with them.

Although my entire fiasco of trying to buy my 5D through PriceRitePhoto left a bad taste in my mouth, I think it was a good learning experience in the end for me. And my subsequent positive experience with B&H goes to show you that not all online retailers are bad guys and that you just need to do your homework and be warry of a company’s online reputation when ordering. Certainly one of the reasons that B&H is as succesful as they are is because they do in fact care about their reputation — no other camera dealer received more positive praise when I started blogging my woes regarding PriceRitePhoto. This in part is why I chose them to buy from them and why I’m sure I will buy more from them in the future.

Thanks B&H for a great camera and a great online buying experience.

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With the fast growing technology and the easier access of people to the internet and its usage, a new trend of internet business has emerged out recently. How to start an online business is the common question which always comes on everybody’s mind. Your clients will approach you via internet and you can provide them the required services. The online shopping sites are the best examples of an internet business. With these sites you can view the products, product description and purchase the products directly. You just order your product and the product will reach your door within few days. There are a variety of payment options available to the user such as online payment using debit card or credit card and cash on delivery option.

The above example is to the easiest way to make you understand the idea of internet business as to how it is carried out. Now the question is that how to start an online business. To start an online business first of all you need to carry out the analysis about your business niche. There should be market research regarding the need of the market for the product or the service of your business. You should thoroughly carry out the market research regarding the vulnerability, competitors and their strategies. After the analysis and research work you should prepare your own strategies which should be unique and creative. As this is not an ordinary business that you are starting, this is an internet business so should become familiar with the culture, methodologies and the policies of an online business. Therefore at the time of starting the business you should be prepared with all the factors in regards to how to start the online business.

After this, register a unique domain to create your own shopping portal. Also consider various factors such as delivery of your product or service, payment mode, banking, taxation, accounting, legalization, government rules and regulations, different online business policies, licensing and trademarks, product warehouse and business location.

Your product should be different and unique from the other products that are available in the market. The style with which you present your product should also be unique and should give a clear idea of what you are selling.

You can take the help of various counselors and experts as to how to start the online business. Only an expert can show you the perfect path to success in the online world.

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Getty to Offer Flickr Images for Sale
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Image by Thomas Hawk
Yahoo! Inc. – Getty Images and Flickr Announce Exclusive Partnership to Offer New Collection of Creative Imagery Getty Images and Yahoo today announced a partnership which will allow Getty Images to begin marketing select images that Flickr users upload online.

"We are excited and proud to be partnering with Flickr to offer our customers even more choice for their projects. Our customers will be able to select and use the best imagery from a fresh collection of high-quality images chosen by us from Flickr’s diverse and prolific community," said Jonathan Klein, co-founder and CEO of Getty Images. "Flickr is the ideal partner as we continue to move the imagery industry forward by offering the broadest range of high quality digital content to our customers."

Although the press release issued on the new joint venture doesn’t spell out many of the details of the program, an article over at CNET provides more information as does an article over at the Seattlepi.

According to CNET, photographers interested in participating in the new Flickr collection will "have to simply wait to be contacted."

The Seattlepi reports that, "Flickr users will be able to declare whether they want their images considered for commercial use. Klein said Getty’s customers will likely prefer scenic or creative images, not those of news events." the Seattlepi adds:

"Flickr users, many of whom are amateurs, will be paid in the same manner as professionals if their images are used commercially. Getty customers usually pay between and 0,000 for an image, depending on how freely they may use it. Photographers receive 30 percent to 40 percent of the licensing fee if the customer’s rights to use the image are limited in scope or time, or 20 percent if the image may be used with fewer restrictions."

Personally I think that this partnership is a very promising development, but I’m reserving judgment on its merits until I see more how the deal will actually play out.

What surprises me most about this deal is that in the past Getty has seemed to make a very strong distinction between their "Pro" quality Getty Images photographs, which represents their bread and butter business, vs. "amateur" images which have largely been pushed towards their microstock offering iStockphoto.

iStockphoto sells images for much less than Getty’s traditional stock photography business, typically marketing images at , and per image.

It would appear that with this new offering, Getty is going to treat at least some of Flickr’s images as they would their own "Pro" photographer imagery. My own expectation would be that current Getty "Pros" are probably none too happy about having a new horde of "amateurs" jointing their ranks and competing with their own image sales.

At the same point there is simply no denying the quality of imagery that many of these so called amateurs are posting to Flickr, nor the breadth of photography that has been accumulated, organized and ranked.

It will be interesting to see how Getty balances out this conflict and whether or not their new "Flickr Collection" will receive the same marketing emphasis as their own Pro photography collection.

Earlier this year in February when I published an article about what a Microsoft buyout of Yahoo might mean for photography, I mentioned that with Microsoft as the new owner of Flickr that they could possibly use the relationship with Bill Gates 100% owned Corbis, Getty’s largest competitor, to build a stock component to Flickr.

Although this relationship will probably not be significant from an economic standpoint in the short term for either Yahoo or Getty, it is hugely important from a strategic standpoint.

At present, in Flickr, Yahoo owns the largest organized and ranked collection of imagery in the world. By opening up access to much of this collection, Getty stands to dramatically improve image search for their buyers. Whether or not those buyers buy Flickr images or other Getty images this partnership should still create a far more meaningful stock search experience on Getty vs. #2 Corbis and other competitors.

Although Getty’s payout to Pros in the 20-40% range may seem low, with Getty’s marketing muscle in this space and their ability to correctly price imagery at the Pro level this may represent a lucrative new source of income for many Flickr photographers.

The big question though is how seriously Getty will market this collection.

On a personal level I’m very interested in participating in this new partnership and will be blogging about it much more in the future.

More information from the New York Times here. There is also an interview with Getty’s Jonathan Klein and Flickr Chief Kakul Srivastava here.

Flickr has an FAQ up on the new program here as well as a topic on the subject in their help forum here. According to Flickr Community Manager Heather Champ, today’s partnership announcement really is just an announcement that Flickr and Getty have "started dating," with more information coming out, "as we move forward with the development of the platform, etc."

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